British Gas Feed in Tariff

What is the Feed In Tariff?

The Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme is a government backed initiative that allows you, as a homeowner, the chance to earn benefits when you start to produce your own energy from a renewable energy source. For most homeowners this will mean solar panels although there are other types of renewable energy that can be considered if you have a suitable property.

On top of what you can save on your energy bills, you will also be entitled to payments depending on how much energy you produce. The payments are based upon every kilowatt hour (KWh) that is generated and you will be paid even if you use this up. The Feed In Tariff rate that you receive will depend on the date that the renewable energy source was installed and the type of source that you have. You will also get paid for units of energy that you produce and do not use as these can then be sent back to the national grid. This payment is guaranteed for at least twenty years and at least twenty five years with solar panels.

British Gas Feed In Tariff

British Gas is the currently the only energy supplier in the UK that has staff trained in the fitting and installation of solar panels and other sources of renewable energy. They boast that with their solar panels you can earn up to £695 per year. This figure is based on a 2.7KWP British Gas solar panel system and is made up of £497 from the Feed In Tariff scheme, £37 from selling back to the grid and £159 in energy savings. A full list of available payments per KWh can be viewed on the British Gas website. (Payments are subject to change.)

When looking to install a renewable energy source with British Gas, their fitters will come out and look at your home and assess if it is suitable. The focus will normally be on a solar PV system and the representatives will make sure you have suitable roof space available that is strong enough to hold the panels in place. They will then advise you on your property's suitability and the best type of installation for your needs. The fitting and maintenance will also be done by British Gas. Any debris from the installation will be removed and all of their work will be covered by a two year workmanship warranty. Panels themselves are usually guaranteed for the full twenty five years to fall in line with the Feed In Tariff payment scheme.

In the current economic conditions, and with the costs of energy ever rising, there has never been a better time to apply for a source of renewable energy. An installation from British Gas in conjunction the FIT scheme could be the way to go.

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