Who are we?

Hi, we’re the Eco Experts. Founded in the autumn of 2009, we’ve been helping UK homeowners find eco-friendly solutions for over a decade. Our team of knowledgeable, fired-up writers are based in London, practically delirious with passion for the environment.

In particular, we focus on solar panels, electric vehicle charging points, heat pumps, boilers, double-glazed windows, home security, and conservatory roofs.

If it’s good for the planet or good for your bills, it’s good for us!

How do we help you?

It’d be mighty audacious of us to claim that we will help you, but safe to say we’ll give it a jolly good shot! Here are the two key services we provide, for the curious and the concerned alike:

1) A wealth of seriously informative online guides, built on extensive research and delivered with devastating detail. When it comes to the best products, the eco-friendliest decisions, and the most sensible short-cuts, we tell all.

2) A quick and easy quote-comparison tool. When you’re looking at home improvements, price is the most important thing – we get it. With just a few of your details and the click of a button, you’ll be contacted by some of our trusted suppliers, who’ll provide you with competitive quotes tailored to you.

How do we match you with our suppliers?

When you’ve decided a product or service is right for you, just fill in the form at the top of any page, and we’ll carefully match you with one (or more) of our suppliers. All you need to do is provide us with some basic details about yourself and your needs, such as:

– your name
– your postcode
– how much you spend on energy bills.

Why do we need this information?

Knowing your name and location means we can find the best provider (or providers) offering services in your area. Depending on the product or service you’re interested in, we may also need some extra information from you to make sure we can match you with the best supplier for your needs.

One you’ve completed the form, our suppliers will then get in touch and provide you with a personalised quote based on the details you provided. This can be done over the phone, but sometimes they’ll need to arrange a visit to your home or workplace to provide you with an accurate price.

Want to be considered as a supplier?

Register your interest through our Supplier Sign Up form.

Our team

They say that everybody comes with their own story, and our crack team of keyboard bashers are no exception.


Charlie Clissitt, Editor

When it comes to all things eco-friendly and economically savvy, Charlie is a spectacularly woke millennial. A university-educated solar panel scholar with an eye for detail, when Charlie isn’t writing, he’s tucked up in bed watching his favourite black and white film.


Josh Jackman, Senior Writer

Josh is The Eco Experts’ main man for home security, smart devices, and boilers. If it can make your life better and help the environment, he’s on it.


Beth Howell, Writer

Beth is The Eco Experts’ newbie. She’s keen to use her writing skills, and passion for green living, to help the environment. Whether you’re after a new boiler, or just interested in how solar panels can improve your home, she’s got your back.


Duncan Lambden, Writer

Duncan is the result of the collaborative effort between Australia and England to produce a genetically engineered super-writer. The results of this experiment are thus-far inconclusive.

Contact Us

Got a question about any of our products or services, or think there’s something we could improve on our site? Drop our team an email on info@theecoexperts.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What our customers say

Every year we help thousands of home and business owners reduce their energy consumption and lead a low carbon lifestyle,
saving them hundreds (or even thousands) of pounds.
Check out what some of our customers have said about us.

“I was looking at installing solar panels to my house and Eco Experts provided a fast and efficient service linking me to various reputable providers within 24 hours. Eco Experts were very much the first trigger in obtaining detailed quotes at a good prices, for what is a life time investment. I would definitely recommend them to others.”
– Paul McCann, Pontefract, England

“With the prices of every day essentials constantly creeping up, I was adamant to find some way of saving my hard earned pennies. At this point I came across ‘The Eco Experts' comparison site. I couldn't believe how swift it was to use, let alone that I'd get numerous quotes within a minute. I really couldn't recommend this facility enough!”
Vicky Smith, Yorkshire, England

“I recently used The Eco Experts to get a quote for solar panels.
My request was quickly dealt with and
I was contacted by 3 helpful suppliers.
I was not pressurised into any decisions and the information
was useful to our enquiry.”
– Kath Tomkinson, England

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