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How to choose a solar panel installer in 2024

Understanding the installation process is as crucial as finding the right installer

Do your homework to check credentials, track record, and customer reviews

Always ask for a detailed proposal for a more informed decision

Contemplating a solar switch? It’s a smart way to champion sustainability while keeping your wallet happy in today’s economy. That’s because solar panel costs are outweighed by the savings on energy bills over time.

But while navigating the world of solar panel installations can seem like a maze, we’re here to help you through it.

If you’re already eager to crack on, our expert team can get in touch pronto to get you started with some free solar panel quotes. Just pop a few details in our short form to get the ball rolling.

Otherwise, keep reading to learn the ins and outs of selecting the best installer for your needs – from getting an understanding of the process to looking at local expertise for the best results.

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9 tips for choosing a solar panel company

Choosing the best solar panel installer for your project can be daunting, but following these tips will make the whole process much easier.

1. Know your options

2. Verify their credentials and track record

3. Look up customer reviews and ask for references

4. Make sure they have clear policies in place

5. Ask about their after-sales support

6. Get a general understanding of the installation process

7. Shop around for the best prices and financing options

8. Look closer to home

9. Take your time

1. Know your options

You wouldn’t dive into a pool without first checking its depth, and the same principle applies to solar panels. It’s not just about who installs them, but what they’re installing – make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.

Do your homework to understand your options beyond the surface level and delve into the specifics. What brands of solar panels and components does the installer use? Are they from reputable manufacturers known for quality and durability?

And don’t shy away from questions about efficiency ratings. Remember, higher-efficiency panels pump out more electricity, giving you more bang for your buck.

2. Verify their credentials and track record

Look for an installer who’s certified by respected organisations like the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and is also a member of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC). Being a member of Solar Energy UK is another good sign.

And it doesn’t end there – if your installer plans to use a subcontracting company, make sure they also carry these accreditations.

Finally, dig into their past. A lengthy, documented track record in the business suggests they’ve got the right training and know-how to do the job right.

Where do you want to install solar panels?

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3. Look up customer reviews and ask for references

When choosing your solar panel installer, we encourage you to become a sleuth.

Scour the internet for customer reviews and don’t be afraid to ask the installer for references. Hearing from past clients can give you a peek into the installer’s workmanship, customer service, and overall satisfaction level.

Still unsure? Tap into your local grapevine – friends and neighbours can often provide tried-and-true recommendations. Websites like Checkatrade can also offer a wealth of information. Make sure your installer is the talk of the town for all the right reasons!

4. Make sure they have clear policies in place

You wouldn’t want to work with someone careless about important details. So, ask about your installer’s working policies, like how they handle scaffolding. If they’re skimping on basic safety for their workers, that’s as big a red flag as a matador waving at a bull.

And don’t forget to dissect their terms and conditions to know what’s included and what’s off the table. If the installer tries to dodge responsibility for certain key aspects, consider that another red card.

Nobody likes surprises, especially when your energy savings are at stake.

5. Ask about their after-sales support

You know when you buy a shiny new gadget and it comes with a solid warranty? That’s the kind of peace of mind you want with your solar panel installation.

Don’t just focus on the ‘here and now’, look ahead too. Ask about the warranties for the panels and the installation work. These are your safety nets, ready to catch any hiccups down the line.

Your after-sales support is like the 24/7 roadside assistance of the solar world, there for any maintenance or future issues. After all, your relationship with your installer doesn’t need to end when the panels are on your roof.

6. Get a general understanding of the installation process

You don’t need to be a solar expert, but understanding the installation process is as crucial as choosing the right installer. Ensure they’re the type to follow best practices, with no cutting corners.

Expect a thorough home consultation, where they assess your property’s specific needs. The installer should then provide a detailed quote, not a hasty estimate, outlining everything involved. And they should also be able to guarantee that their installation meets the relevant regulations and guidelines.

Knowing the process keeps you in the loop and ensures you get a quality, compliant installation. Knowledge isn’t just power – it’s peace of mind.

Someone on a roof fixing solar panels in place

7. Shop around for the best prices and financing options

As all canny shoppers know, it’s rarely a good idea to settle for the first price you see. Gather several quotes and see what their costs include: panels, installation, and any other services.

If budget’s a concern, ask about financing. You’ll find options like loans, government grants, or leasing programs that can help lighten the load.

By putting in this legwork, you’re not only pocketing savings but also ensuring top-notch service. It’s not just about finding the cheapest deal, but the best value for your hard-earned money.

8. Look closer to home

To find the perfect solar installer, don’t overlook the benefits of going local – sometimes the best solar installers are just around the corner.

A local expert comes with a unique set of perks. They’ll have their finger on the pulse of the specific requirements and regulations in your area. From local permitting processes to unique considerations, they’ve got it covered.

Plus, being nearby means they’re more accessible for maintenance or repairs. You won’t be left hanging, waiting for someone to travel from miles away. So, support your local business and reap the rewards of their knowledge and convenience.

9. Take your time

Finally, don’t let aggressive sales tactics or wild (but inaccurate) efficiency claims push you into a hasty decision. Slow and steady wins the race.

Take your time and gather all the information you need upfront, laid out neatly in a proposal. Look for details like a visualisation of the panel layout, product descriptions, and data sheets.

Armed with this knowledge, you can make an informed decision that’s right for you and your home. It’s your roof, your money, your choice – so give it the time and attention it deserves for the best results.

Next steps

Ready to go solar? Picking a reputable solar panel installer is key. Look for a solid track record, proper credentials, and glowing customer reviews. And don’t rush!

When you’re ready, pop your details into our web form and our experts will help you kick-start your journey to a greener, sun-powered future. We’ll share some bespoke quotes for the perfect match for your solar needs, free of charge.


To pick a good solar panel company, make sure they’ve got the credentials to back up their claims – think certifications and industry accreditations.

Don’t overlook after-sales support either. A company known for its stellar maintenance and customer service is worth its weight in gold.

To choose a solar installer in the UK, look for a company with a solid track record, glowing customer reviews, and proper accreditation. It’s a bonus if they’re local – they’ll know your area’s regulations.

Take your time, gather multiple quotes, and make an informed decision. Don’t forget to explore financing and leasing options.

Choosing a solar system depends on your energy needs, roof space, and budget. Consider the efficiency and longevity of the panels, and don’t forget about the manufacturing quality.

Finally, check the warranties and after-sales service. It’s a big decision, so take your time to choose wisely.

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