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Improve your conservatory roof

  • Cooler in the summer
  • Hotter in the winter
  • Increased property value

How much does a new roof cost?

  • A new roof will protect you from weather-related damage
  • It can also reduce your energy bills and increase your home’s value
  • The average cost of a new tiled roof is £4,952

Thinking of buying a new roof? We’ve got all the information you’ll need on how much a new roof might cost. You can read our guide on the cost of a conservatory too.

From the average cost of a roof, to the prices involved in replacing them, through to how long different roofs last, this guide covers it all.

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What is the average price of a new roof?

How much a new roof costs depends on the material used, whether you need scaffolding, and the roof’s size. A new tiled roof will typically cost £4,952.

Most roofs use tile or slate, and are either raised or pitched. Cement tile is usually cheaper than slate, because slate needs more materials to cover the rood (but tends to last longer).

How much do roof tiles cost?

The most common type of roof tiles are made from cement or clay and are a popular choice for modern homes. Cement tiles are cheaper, costing around 70p, compared to a clay tile which costs around £1.20.

The difference in price reflects the durability. Cement tiles normally last between 40-50 years while clay tiles are longer lasting, comfortably enduring 50-100 years of wear.

The table below shows average costs to renew your roof with plain tiles. These prices include labour, but exclude VAT.

Size of roof
Average cost to re-roof with plain tiles
Average time to complete re-roofing
Two bedroom terrace house
£3,555 – £5,570
5 days
Three bed semi-detached house
£4,355 – £6,890
7 days
Four bed detached house
£5,260 – £8,550
10 days

How much does a slate roof cost?

A slate roof is often found on period or traditional homes. Its grey colour and texture created by layering provides an attractive aesthetic. Compared to tile roofs, natural slate has a longer lifespan, lasting 120 years or more. It is also more expensive, requiring more slates to fill the roof.

The table below shows the average costs to re-roof with slates. These prices include labour, but exclude VAT.

Size of roof
Average cost to re-roof with slate
Average time to complete re-roofing
Two bedroom terrace house
£3,875 – £5,910
7 days
Three bed semi-detached house
£4,790 – £6,875
9 days
Four bed detached house
£6,110 – £10,560
13 days

Small flat roof costs

External buildings like garages and extensions with flat roofs will not use tile or slate, but instead opt for other materials. The most popular material for flat roofs is felt, but there are other excellent materials on the market now, such as fibreglass and PVC.

The table below shows average costs to re-roof different types of small flat roofs. These prices include labour, but exclude VAT.

Size of roof
Average cost to re-roof
Average time to complete re-roofing
Single garage roof
£780 – £1,025
1 – 2 days
Conservatory roof
£805 – £1,180
1 – 2 days

New roof with guttering

Gutters are a crucial part of your roof setup

New roof installation or repair?

It’s a good idea to have your roof and gutters checked once per year to assess whether any repairs are needed or, for more serious cases, to determine if you need to replace the entire roof.

Common repair situations might be when a household is experiencing leaks caused by a damaged or missing tile that may have blown off in the wind. In these cases, replacing your entire roof is not necessary and will only require a repair job to replace the tile. Learn more about roof repair costs.

For homes that experience extensive leaking to the point where their roof is failing to keep out water and is evidently damaged beyond repair, it’s a good idea to consider a complete replacement.

At this point, it might also be worth investing in new technology to make your home more eco-friendly for the future. Solar panels could be a good way to soften the blow of the cost by making a return on the new roof through lower energy bills.

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What will affect the price of re-roofing?

There are a few factors that will affect the price of installing a new roof. If extensive work is carried out on a property of over one storey, scaffolding will be required, which will raise the price.

Other variables that will affect the price are the cost of the material, how easy it is to access the roof, the size, and the current state of the roof. Then there will be the costs for labour and the removal of waste.

Costs will be added if there are any unforeseen obstacles a roofer might run into during the project.

roof of the house of red tiles on background skyAll the inconvenience and cost is worth it for a roof like this

How much does replacing soffits and fascias cost?

Soffits and fascias and are an integral part of your roof that will also need to be replaced over time. Fascias are the vertical band under the roof’s edge that act as a cornice.

Soffits are the boards underneath the fascias which can be seen from street level. Their purpose is to help air flow into your attic.

The table below shows average cost and time to replace soffits and fascias. These prices include labour but are exclusive of VAT.

Size of roof
Average cost to replace soffits and fascias
Average time to complete re-roofing
Single garage roof
£1,195 – £1,985
2 – 4 days
Conservatory roof
£1,340 – £2,405
3 – 5 days
Double garage roof
£1,755 – £3,210
3 – 6 days

How do you get the best price?

When searching for the best price for your roof, it’s important to compare at least three companies and what they can offer you.

Ensure you ask about what other factors might drive up the cost – for example, if your property requires scaffolding which is expensive to assemble.

Ask each company you assess whether it’s viable to install slate tiles on your roof. This is the most popular material and has a long lifespan, which will provide you with longer term benefits.

How long will your new roof last?

Taking care of your roof with annual check-ups is one way to ensure it lasts longer by keeping the guttering clear and replacing any damaged or missing tiles.

It will also depend on what material your roof is made from. Cement tiles normally last between 40-50 years and clay are longer lasting with 50-100 years of wear. Natural slate has a longer lifespan, lasting 120 years or more.

How do you find a good roofing contractor?

We can help you get at least one bespoke quote from trusted conservatory roofing contractor in your area. Just fill in this free form.

Remember: Always agree the price, how this will be paid, and the finish date before any work starts.

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