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Triple Glazing Costs 2022: How Much Can You Save?

On average, triple glazing for a two-bedroom house costs £2,000-£2,500

On average, triple glazing for a four-bedroom house costs £6,000-£7,000

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Is your double glazing just not living up to expectations? This winter, it may be worth adding more than just an extra layer of clothes – instead, try adding an extra layer of insulation.

If your double glazed windows are showing a bit of wear and tear, they could actually be responsible for about 25–30% of heat loss (Energy.Gov, 2021). Although it can be costly, triple glazing could save you from spending your winter shivering the nights away. Read on to find out more!

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What is triple glazing?

If you’re familiar with double glazing, then you’ll be pretty comfortable with its not-so-distant cousin, triple glazing. Triple glazing takes double glazing that extra step further, by simply adding another pane of glass to the window. This third pane of glass acts as an extra layer of insulation to your house, keeping you cosy during those bitter winter months.


How does it work?

Triple glazing is a bit like layering up before you brave the winter chill – except the insulation isn’t just coming from the extra layers. There is also a small gap between each of the three panes of glass, which is either filled with air or an insulating gas, such as argon. Argon is much heavier than air, which means it acts as a stronger barrier against any escaping heat.

This extra third layer also comes with other benefits, such as blocking out any outside noise, providing greater security, and adding value to your home (more on that later). But be careful, you’ll want to double check whether your walls can withstand the weight of triple glazed windows, as the extra layer can sometimes cause structural damage to walls.

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Triple glazing costs

By now, you’re probably thinking what a wonderful, practical product triple glazing is – so what’s the catch?

Well, unfortunately, triple glazed windows typically cost between one fifth and one third more than double glazed windows. Installation of a standard uPVC double glazed window could cost around £465, whereas a triple glazed one would be around £565.

Prices will always vary for windows – it all depends on what type, size, and style of window you’re choosing. Once you’ve settled on all of these deciding factors, it’s time to find a company that will provide you with an accurate quote.

Check out the table below for an overview of typical triple glazing costs based on house size.

Property type
Number of bedrooms
Number of windows
Typical cost

Prices sourced from

As you can see, triple glazing can be quite costly if you have a detached house with lots of windows to replace. If you’re set on this idea, you should know that the more triple glazed windows you install, the cheaper each window will be. In other words, in order to be cost effective, it’s better to have more windows installed, rather than fewer.


Pros and cons of triple glazing

Triple glazing can bring a lot to your home: warmth, protection, and peace and quiet. But do these benefits outway the cons?:


  • Reduces heat loss
  • More cost efficient
  • Increases home security
  • Blocks out noise

X Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Long return on investment
  • Allows in less light
  • Heavier, so can cause structural damage to walls


So, is triple glazing worth it?

If your double glazing is looking a bit worse for wear, then triple glazed windows are definitely worth it. Although expensive, investing in this insulation will bring multiple benefits.

The image below shows a thermographic survey, comparing old double glazing (left) to new triple glazing (right). The red spots on this image show you where the heat is leaving the house, which should tell you everything you need to know about whether triple glazing is really worth it.

Triple Glazing Comparison Against Double Glazing

On the other hand, if you’ve only recently installed new double glazing, the switch to triple glazing is not likely to save you a huge amount of money

If your windows are rated A or A+, but you feel like they might need that extra bit of insulation, a more cost efficient idea would be to buy a set of thick curtains, or even install secondary glazing on your existing double glazed windows.


Triple glazing vs double glazing: which is better?

We’ve already established that triple glazing costs more than standard double glazed windows, but are there any other substantial differences between the two? The short answer, as you may have thought, is yes.


Thermal performance

When it comes to thermal performance, triple glazing wins hands down.

The energy efficiency of a window is measured by its U-value – the lower the number, the better. Double glazed windows are typically given a U-value of 1.6, whereas triple glazed windows are rated an impressive 0.8.

This means that by simply adding an extra level of insulation, triple glazed windows can provide you with even more warmth throughout the year. This superior thermal performance also means triple glazed windows have an energy rating of A++, which is the highest possible rating.


Sound insulation

If you live on a particularly rowdy street and find yourself struggling to sleep through the noise, triple glazing might be your saviour.

So what’s the science behind this? Well, triple glazing is able to block noise because of the sheer amount of material sound has to travel through. Sound is created through vibration, and as it reaches each pane of glass, the vibration weakens. By the time the sound wave gets through to the final pane of glass (if it gets through at all), it is much quieter and less noticeable.


Home Security

To put it simply: three layers of glass are much harder to break than two. By placing this extra layer of protection on your home, you’re preventing any would-be intruders from helping themselves to your belongings.


Light penetration

Unfortunately, we can’t pick and choose what our triple glazed windows decide to let in and out – while they can block out noise and potential intruders, they also block out light. It’s much harder for light to penetrate that extra level of glass, which might cause your room to feel a little dimmer.

To avoid feeling like you’re hiding away in a cave, we recommend not to install your triple glazed windows on any north-facing walls – this way you still get lots of sunlight brightening up your home, as well as the noise-cancelling, intruder-preventing benefits of triple glazing.


Triple glazing cost vs double glazing cost

We can praise triple glazed windows until the cows come home, but we know that one thing is at the forefront of everyone’s minds when it comes to making a purchase: the cost.

Although there are numerous different ways that triple glazing trumps double glazing, the expense of triple glazing tends to overshadow the benefits. To give you a rough idea of how much more you can expect to splash out, we’ve created a comparison of prices for different types of window below:

Size (mm)
Double glazing cost
Triple glazing cost
White uPVC
1000 x 500
White uPVC
1000 x 1000
White uPVC
1200 x 1200
Woodgrain uPVC
1000 x 500
Woodgrain uPVC
1000 x 1000
Woodgrain uPVC
1200 x 1200

Prices sourced from Just Value Doors

We calculated these figures based on a basic window frame, as a basis for what you can expect. As you can see, triple glazed windows cost a substantial amount more than double glazing – and, on top of this, are likely to have a longer payback period.

Whether or not this overshadows the other benefits of triple glazing is up to you. If you’d like to find out how much double glazing will cost you, simply fill out this short form, and our qualified installers will be in touch.


Summary of comparison

Whilst both double and triple glazing are excellent ways to insulate your home, triple glazed windows have the overall edge.

Double glazing
Triple glazing
Thermal performance
Sound insulation
Home security
Light penetration


What makes triple glazing energy efficient?

It’s not just the three panes of glass that make a triple glazing unit more energy efficient. Other features that boost performance include:

• An insulating gas, such as argon, inserted between the glass

• Low-E glass – an invisible metal oxide coating on one of the inward-facing panes, which reflects heat back into the room

• Some triple glazing also comes with a ‘warm edge’ spacer bar sitting between the panes. Made from plastic composite, this product conducts less heat than other materials


Which company is right for you?

There are two routes you can go down when it comes to choosing a company to install your new window — nationwide or independent companies. Each has its own benefits, but whichever you go with, make sure the company is registered with FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) or the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) — this way you can be sure that the company is legitimate and trustworthy, and will provide you with good results.

Companies can be rated on a range of different things. A common issue with bigger companies is that they sometimes use more of a pressuring tactic with customers, who can often be left feeling obliged to sign a contract.

We carried out a survey of 395 UK homeowners who’ve had triple glazed windows installed in their property in the last two years, with both big companies and local companies, to see what they had to say about their experience:

% of customers who felt pressured to sign a contract
% of customers who rated their installation as good to excellent
Local installer

As you can see, as the company size grows, the percentage of people feeling pressured to sign a contract increases – but so does the quality of installation. Although this might sound intimidating, as you can see from the installation ratings, no matter what type of company you go with, you’re likely to have a good installation experience.

Need a bit more guidance on the most common window installer companies? Take a look at each one’s rating on Trustpilot:

• Everest – 4.3/5
• Safestyle – 4.3/5
• Anglian Home Improvements – 4.1/5
• Zenith Home Improvements – 3/5

So if it’s uPVC windows you’re after, Safestyle should be your first port of call. If you’re after a wider variety of materials, Everest and Anglian are also great options to go for.

Independent companies

If you’re feeling a bit apprehensive about going with a big name brand, an independent company can also be a good option. Take a look at this graph below for a rough idea of the reasons people tend to go with independent window companies:

Data from Which?



Does triple glazing reduce condensation?

With triple glazing, you’ll be able to significantly reduce the risk of getting window condensation. Since triple glazed windows have an extra pane of glass, they offer more insulation, and therefore reduce a build up of moisture around the window.

Does triple glazing keep heat out?

As well as locking in heat, triple glazing also prevents heat from entering your home through the windows in the summer months. The G-Value of a window – which measures the amount of solar intake that the glass allows – tends to be lower for triple glazed windows. And the lower the number, the more effective the glazing is at controlling the temperature inside.

This is ideal for conservatories that tend to overheat in the summer, suffering from what experts in the field call ‘the greenhouse effect’.


What’s next?

Whether you go for double glazing or triple glazing, you can be sure that installing this type of insulation will save you a penny on your bills. Don’t miss out on this window of opportunity.

If you’d like to upgrade to double glazed windows, request a quote, and our qualified installers will be in touch. It’s time to provide your home with an extra layer of warmth, protection, and soundproofing.

Beth Howell Senior Writer

Beth has a real passion for green living. She’s been absorbed in eco research for over three years, and has become quite the expert. Whether you’re after a new set of solar panels, a home energy improvement, or you want to catch the latest eco news, she’s got your back.

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