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The Best Wireless Security Cameras

The best wireless security camera is the Blink XT2 (£99.99)

Blink Indoor is the best wireless camera on a budget

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You want a security camera to keep your home and your loved ones safe, and you’re keen to embrace the latest technology, both for ease and effectiveness. You want it to work, and you want it to be easy – and it can be.

After all, you can put wireless cameras anywhere in your home, they’ll still work if the power’s turned off, and you can check on them from wherever you are in the world.

So let’s leap on this technological bullet train to the future, and gaze upon the best wireless security cameras out there. They’ve been judged on their value for money, resolution, viewing range, night vision, battery life, smart compatibility, storage, and siren capabilities.

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Blink XT2£99.99★★★★★
Blink Indoor£79.99★★★★★
Swann Smart£99.88★★★★
Reolink Argus 2 Outdoor£108.99★★★★
Ring Stick Up Cam Battery£178.95★★★
Logitech Circle 2£189.62★★★

The Best Wireless Security Cameras: what’s on this page?

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Best wireless outdoor camera: Ring Stick Up Cam Battery (£178.95)

ring stick-up cam battery

Ring has done it again. The company – which went from failing to secure funding on Shark Tank to being bought out by Amazon for $1 billion (£800 million) in the space of five years – has created a versatile powerhouse in the Stick Up Cam Battery.

A three-month battery life means you won’t have to worry about it powering down any time soon, and its 10x optical zoom and 110dB siren are market-leading features. It also comes with affordable cloud storage, at a mere £2.50 per month.


  • 9 metres night vision
  • 3 months of battery life
  • 10x zoom
  • 110dB siren


  • No Google integration

Best wireless indoor camera: Logitech Circle 2 (£133.44)

logitech circle 2 security camera

With a 180° viewing range, this Logitech machine is unbeatable if you’re looking for a wireless security camera that can keep an eye on everything in your home.

Whether you’re watching a toddler, a burglar, or your pet labradoodle, you’ll catch all the important moments.

The Circle 2 integrates with any and all of your smart devices, with Apple, Amazon, and Google all supported – which isn’t the case with Ring or Blink’s models.

However, despite its ability to go outside as well, you’ll want to focus on the next category if you have a larger home, as the Circle 2’s 4.5 metres of night vision won’t be enough for you and your loved ones.


  • Amazon, Google, and Apple integration
  • Free storage on the cloud for 24 hours
  • 180° field of vision


  • 4.5 metres of night vision

Best for a family home: Blink XT2 (£99.99)

blink xt2 security camera

For a family home, you’ll need a more powerful model, with better night vision and viewing field capabilities. Only the best of the best will do, and you’ll have to pay through the nose for that privilege – unless you opt for the Blink XT2.

This market leader manages to incorporate cutting-edge attributes, such as a two-year-long battery life, 1080p resolution, and 6 metres of night vision, with important basics, like a 110° viewing range – and all for a fantastically low price.

The only issue with Blink, as is the case with its Amazon-owned sibling Ring, is that none of their cameras integrate with Google hubs.


  • 6 metres of night vision
  • You can download important clips onto your phone
  • Can be placed indoors or outdoors


  • No Google integration

Best for an apartment: Swann Smart (£99.88)

swann smart security camera

In an apartment, you’re less likely to forget to charge your wireless home security cameras – especially if, like most apartments, your place is smaller than a family home.

That means the Swann Smart’s three or four-week battery life isn’t such a drawback, allowing us to focus on its top-notch qualities. It comes with free cloud storage for two days, an outstanding 10 metres of night vision, and can go inside or outside – all for under £100.

Its 1080p resolution and 120° field of vision are pretty standard, but this is no bad thing – in fact, it reassured us there was no catch with Swann’s premium camera. It’s just an excellent product, available for an extremely reasonable price.


  • 10 metres of night vision
  • Two days of cloud storage and 7 days of internal storage, all for free


  • No Google integration
  • Short battery life

Best for renters: Reolink Argus 2 Outdoor (£87.19)

reolink argus 2 outdoor security camera

Just because you’re renting and on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t have nice things – and the same applies to your wireless security camera. What a bargain you’ve got on your hands with the Reolink Argus 2 Outdoor, which can function inside or outside, despite its name.

It’s got a battery that lasts up to six months, seven days of free cloud storage and space for a 64GB microSD card, and 10 metres of night vision – plus, if you’re passionate about the planet, you can power it with solar energy alone.

If it’s an outdoor camera by name, we hear you ask, why didn’t it win the outdoor category? Because it’s not smart compatible. Reolink has promised to integrate its products with Google and Amazon hubs “soon”, but soon isn’t now.


  • Can run on solar power
  • 7 days of free cloud storage
  • Up to 6 months of battery life
  • 10 metres of night vision


  • Not integrated with any smart hubs
  • Its 70-80dB siren is unlikely to have much effect

Best on a budget: Blink Indoor (£79.99)

a blink indoor security camera

How many wireless security cameras under £80 have a rating of 4.3 on Amazon? Not many. Blink Indoor is an excellent model in its own right, but its price makes it special. Everyone wants to cut costs wherever they can – and the Blink Indoor is your route to doing that here.

Its 720p resolution is less than standard, but it still provides you with a 110° field of vision and two hours of free cloud storage, along with Blink’s trademark two-year battery life – which you can get with just two AA batteries. Outstanding.

Did You Know?

Almost all wireless security cameras have free cloud storage options.

It doesn’t have night vision, two-way audio, or the ability to go outside, but if you’re looking for a cheap way into the wireless security camera lifestyle, the Blink Indoor has the substance to back up its lower price.

If you want to see all the best ways to protect your home without breaking the bank, fill in this form for free home security quotes.


  • Two-year battery life
  • Market-leading price


  • No night vision
  • No two-way audio


We can’t all be experts in wireless security cameras – otherwise, there’d be no need for articles like this one.

With that in mind, let’s go over everything you need to know before making your final decision on which one to buy.

What is a wireless CCTV camera?

A wireless CCTV camera is a closed-circuit camera that doesn’t use any wires. It doesn’t need to be physically connected to any other device to transmit video or audio, or to get power.

Some cameras are called ‘wireless’ despite needing to be connected to the mains, because they transmit video or audio wirelessly. All of the cameras we’ve reviewed are truly wireless.

How do wireless CCTV cameras work?

Wireless CCTV cameras record video and/or audio and transmit it through radio frequencies – often the same one your wifi network uses.

This will either be stored in your camera’s memory or the cloud, both of which are accessible through your smartphone or laptop.

What are the pros and cons of wireless security cameras?


  • Can be placed anywhere in your home and moved at any time
  • Don’t have wires to be cut or accidentally damaged
  • Still work if the power’s cut
  • Allow you to check on your home from anywhere in the world
  • Can usually be operated through your smart hub
  • Usually contain the best in cutting-edge technology
  • Easy, free installation


  • Can be more expensive
  • Can be hacked
  • Can run out of power if you’re not careful

Which is better? Wireless vs wired

Completely portableCan only be moved with another costly installation job
You can control it from anywhere in the worldYou have to be at home to use it
Free and easy to installRequires professional installation, which can cost hundreds of £

How do they get power?

Truly wireless security cameras aren’t connected to the mains, so instead, they either derive power from solar energy – like the Reolink Argus 2 Outdoor – or from batteries, which can last up to two years in the right model.

This means burglars can’t hide their criminal activities simply by snipping some wires, and that a power cut won’t leave you completely exposed.

How much does a wireless camera cost?

The good news is that a wireless camera typically costs nothing to install. And the bad news – well, there isn’t any, because you generally won’t have to pay much per month either.

Almost all wireless security cameras have free cloud storage options. If you want to pay for an advanced plan, £2.99 per month is the most you should end up parting with.

Do you need wifi?

Fortunately, no. If you live in a remote location, haven’t set up your home internet, or otherwise don’t have wifi, you do have other options.

You could forego the standard storage strategy of the cloud, and instead opt for an NVR or DVR, which are both recording systems that will keep all your footage on a hard drive.

Alternatively, you could set up a wireless security camera system which relies on an internet connection outside of wifi. If you have a great data plan and live in an area with excellent 4G, then this may be the option for you.

Do they use data?

In the main: no. As almost all home wifi networks provide you with unlimited data, the only wireless camera owners who’ll be using data are those who are using a 4G network instead of wifi – and that probably won’t include you.


Everyone wants the best wireless security camera, and by now, you should know exactly how to get one that suits all your needs. You’ll soon be able to keep an eye on your home from wherever you are, providing you with some precious peace of mind.

So take a breath, fill in this form, and take the leap into your new wireless future, safe in the knowledge that you’re moving towards a better, more convenient life.

Written by:
josh jackman
Josh has written about eco-friendly home improvements and climate change for the past four years. His work has been displayed on the front page of the Financial Times, he's been interviewed by BBC One's Rip-Off Britain, and he regularly features in The Telegraph and on BBC Radio.
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