Tamara Birch, senior writer, The Eco Experts

Tamara Birch

Senior Writer

Tamara is a London-based journalist and has written about environmental topics for more than four years. This includes advising small business owners on cost-effective ways, like solar panels and energy-efficient products to help them become more sustainable. 

She has used her journalist and research skills to become highly knowledgeable on sustainable initiatives, issues and solutions to help consumers do their bit for the environment – all while reducing monthly costs. 

In addition to adopting sustainable practices in her personal life, Tamara has worked in the retail B2B space to help independent retailers think about their environmental choices and how they can help improve their business. She now uses this knowledge to help consumers do the same. 

Her passion for sustainability and eco-friendly solutions stems from a long obsession with nature and animals, and ensuring they feel looked after. And in her free time, Tamara enjoys reading fantasy novels, visiting the gym and going on long walks in new areas. 

You can get in touch with Tamara via email at tamara.birch@mvfglobal.com.

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