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The 6 best infrared heating panels in 2024

Cürv: The Elegance Range is the best option for warranty

Herschel: Select XLS is the best panel for saving energy at home

Klarstein Wonderwall Smart is the best low-budget option

Infrared heating panels cost £495 per panel on average – no small fee – so you want to make sure you’re getting the best for your money.

Being fairly new to UK home heating, there are already a range of companies supplying them – they’re just a bit tricky to figure which ones are good.

Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best infrared heating panels on this page. Check out which one best suits you and your home below.

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What’s on this page?

Summary: Best infrared heating panels

Infrared panel modelBest for

Cürv Elegance Range

Warranty period

Herschel Select XLS

Saving energy

Herschel Select Portable

User experience

Klarstein Wonderwall Smart

Low budgets

Mirrorstone Image Panel


Kiasa Smart Wi-Fi

Eco-friendly materials

Cürv: The Elegance Range

Best for: Warranty

Cürv’s Elegance Range consists of a regular infrared panel, a mirrored panel, and an infrared towel rail – but what this collection lacks in diversity, it makes up for in quality.

Not only are these three panels aesthetically pleasing, but they also come with a number of modern features. Users can connect panels to app-based smart technology to make it easier to manage their heating, and even add a child lock if they have any curious little ones running around the house.

The best feature of Cürv’s infrared panels? They all come with a 15-year warranty. That’s right – if anything goes wrong with your panels during this 15-year period, Cürv will cover the maintenance costs.

Price rangePower rangeWarrantyConnects to smart tech



15 years


Want to see how much an infrared heating panel will cost you? Head to our page: Infrared Heating Panel Costs.

Herschel: Select XLS

Best for: Saving energy

Herschel has the largest range of infrared heating panels in the UK, which comes as no surprise since they’re one of the longest-serving UK suppliers.

We’d recommend the Select XLS in Herschel’s extensive range, which comes with an ‘EasyFix’ mount for quick installation, and is fully recyclable at the end of its life. Above all, this panel is energy efficient – something a lot of customers will be looking for amid the energy crisis.

In fact, this panel – along with the rest of the range – has an efficiency rating of 100%, which means all of the electrical energy it consumes is converted into heat.

As a result, Herschel states that its heaters can deliver energy savings up to 60% over traditional heating units – although, this will depend on which system the user has swapped it for.

Price rangePower rangeWarrantyConnects to smart tech



5 years


Herschel: Select Portable Infrared Heater

Best for: User experience

Infrared panels are renowned for their excellent user experience – they’re simple to use and easy to install – but Herschel’s portable panel takes this one step further.

This freestanding panel can be moved around to any area of the home as long as it’s near a socket. All you have to do is move it to your chosen spot and plug it into the wall. It’s a perfect option for anyone wanting to test the waters of infrared heating, before committing to a full home system.

The Select Portable Infrared Heater also has a built-in thermostat to provide simple temperature control, as well as safety-thermal-cut-out sensors. Not to mention users can pair it with Herschel’s SMART-R system to control it from their phone.

PricePower rangeWarrantyConnects to smart tech



5 years


Klarstein Wonderwall Smart

Best for: Low budgets

Infrared heaters aren’t usually the priciest things in the world, but it still helps to have a few budget options on hand.

If you don’t have a few hundred pounds to spare, try looking into Klarstein’s Wonderwall Smart panels, which cost between £105–£165. These panels come in different sizes with different wattage options, ranging from 300W to 720W.

If you find that these panels aren’t for you for some reason, the company also offers a 60-day cooling-off period, where you can return them for free.

However, it’s worth noting that these panels have an efficiency rating of 95%, whilst many others on the market are around 98%–100% efficient. On top of this, there doesn’t appear to be any warranty on this product, so you won’t be covered if anything happens to your panel.

PricePower rangeWarrantyConnects to smart tech





Mirrorstone Image Panel

Best for: Aesthetics

When it comes to the appearance of infrared panels, Mirrorstone has a lot to offer. The company’s range includes regular white panels, mirrored panels, panels with set images, and custom-image photo panels.

Anyone fed up with having an old clunky boiler ruining their aesthetics should look into Mirrorstone’s Image Panel. By printing images onto an infrared panel, users can design a heating system that blends seamlessly into the background of a room – or you could use it as a statement piece.

Mirrorstone currently has over 500 Image Panels for customers to choose from, all with unique appearances, suited for different aesthetics.

Price rangePower rangeWarrantyConnects to smart tech



5 years


Kiasa Smart Wi-Fi Infrared Heating Panel

Best for: Eco-friendly materials

Swapping an old oil or gas boiler for an infrared heater will help shrink your carbon footprint, since you won’t be reliant on fossil fuels anymore. But you might be able to cut back emissions even further by getting a panel from Kiasa.

This infrared heater supplier has a keen focus on making its panels from sustainable materials that go easy on the planet.

One of the key materials Kiasa uses for its infrared panels is aluminium, which can be easily recycled and reused. This means that once an infrared panel comes to the end of its life, users can send it to a local recycling facility to make sure it doesn’t get sent to landfill.

Plus, the packaging that comes with Kiasa infrared heating panels is 100% recyclable.

Price rangePower rangeWarrantyConnects to smart tech



3 years


How did we choose the best infrared panels?

Since the infrared heating industry is still pretty new to the UK, there aren’t as many suppliers to sift through compared to other home appliances.

Once we had researched the top suppliers in the game, it all came down to what they’re offering customers. To find out the features of each panel, we spoke with suppliers, checked out websites, and looked at product specifications.

We then decided to break this analysis into six areas that we believe users value the most when it comes to buying an infrared panel:

  • Warranty period
  • Saving energy
  • User experience
  • Low budgets
  • Aesthetics
  • Eco-friendly materials

Cheap infrared heating panels: are they worth it?

Cheap infrared panels are a good option for people who simply can’t afford a high-end product. But, as the saying goes, you pay for what you get.

You’ll often find that cheap infrared panels aren’t made from good-quality materials, don’t offer modern features (such as smart controls), and have a much smaller wattage (which won’t have the capacity to heat a large room).

If you can afford to set aside more money for a set of top-quality infrared heating panels, it’s worth doing it.


The infrared industry is still pretty new in the UK – currently, only 17% of the UK is aware of this green tech. This means there’s still a limited number of suppliers out there. However, we expect this number to grow rapidly over the coming years, once more manufacturers cotton on to how effective infrared can be for UK homes.

But for now, hopefully this list has helped you narrow down the right infrared company for you. Whoever you go with, you can rest assured that you’re on your way to a warmer home and a smaller carbon footprint.

Think infrared panels would be perfect for your home? Find the perfect set of panels by using our easy-to-navigate tool. All you have to do is provide a few quick details, and our expert installers will be in touch with free quotes.

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