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Home Security Costs

The average home security system costs £500

Installation costs between £150-250

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A home security system can cost anywhere from £25 to £1,800, with the average package priced around £500.

This range is so large because it depends on how big your home is, and on how exactly you want to protect your possessions and loved ones.

You’ll need to consider how many cameras, alarms, and sensors you want, how technologically advanced you’d like these products to be, and whether you can install them yourself.

You should also decide whether you want your home to be monitored by a team of professionals. This will increase your home security system’s cost, but can also make you feel safer, as you’ll know your home is being watched over 24/7.

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Getting a home security quote from your sofa is easy and free

How much do home security systems cost?

It’s completely up to you. Every part of a home security system can be acquired cheaply or expensively, depending on what brings you peace of mind.

Cameras cost anywhere from £25 to £300, and most smart models come with a siren, night vision, and the ability to notify you when something’s amiss.

If you’re looking for an entire alarm system, complete with sensors, a camera, and a hub, you’ll generally pay £400 to £1,000 for a world class package.

Many people start building a smart home network at the same time as their security system. You can do this with starter packages ranging from £100 to £500, largely depending on whether you want a smart camera included.

Monthly fees for security systems can range from zero to £50, depending on whether you pay for monitoring and cloud storage.

If it’s a monitored security system, you can expect to pay between £30 and £40 per month – though Verisure frequently offers special deals for new customers, which are definitely worth jumping on.

Did You Know?

The average cost of a burglary in the UK is £3,030.

If you have a smart camera, you may also have to pay £2 to £10 per month for cloud storage – though you can often get by with a free service. When you have a monitored system, this fee is generally included in your monthly payment.

£50 may seem steep, but when you take into account that the average cost of a burglary is £3,030, it could be a worthwhile investment. And of course, the added peace of mind is priceless.

Cameras (installation & monthly cost)

Home security cameras can cost £25, but if you want a world class product, you’ll be looking at paying around £300 for the first year, including installation and monthly payments.

All of the cameras described below have two-way audio and at least a 1080p resolution – industry standards you should demand of your home security cameras – but only one of them is monitored.

Verisure will get a team of trained professionals to watch over your home every minute of every day, providing you with some peace of mind.

CameraWirelessCloud storageSirenNight visionPrice
Verisure CloudCam Pro5mContact Verisure for more info
Front Door Wi-Fi Camera – Light & SirenXX10mInitial: £119.99
Installation: £0
Monthly: £0

First year total: £119.99
Arlo Ultra8mInitial: £700
Installation: £0
Monthly: £2.49

First year total: £473.87
Nest Cam OutdoorXX6mInitial: £179
Installation: £0
Monthly: £5

First year total: £239
Hive View OutdoorXX5mInitial: £143.20
Installation: £89
Monthly: £3.99

First year total: £280.08

Information updated in January 2021.

Wired vs wireless security cameras

Wireless cameras are portable, smart, and generally free and easy to install – but is it worth upgrading from their older, wired siblings?

In most cases: yes.

You can put wireless cameras anywhere in your home, move them at any time, and see through their eyes from wherever you are in the world, because they’re smart devices.

Prices vary, but most wireless cameras cost the same as wired cameras – and you don’t have to pay for professional installation.

How much does it cost to install CCTV at home?

You can set up some cameras yourself, for free, as long you have the tools and the instruction manual. Others require a professional, who will usually charge between £150 and £250.

The exact cost will depend on how many cameras you want them to install, and how complicated the setup is.

While we’d all love to avoid parting with more of our hard-earned cash, there’s no shame in hiring an expert. It’s worth it for the knowledge that your home and loved ones are protected.

Alarm systems (installation & monthly cost)

Verisure★★★★½6Please contact Verisure for more information★★★★★
SimpliSafe Bamburgh Pro★★★½6Initial and installation: £403.10
Monthly: £12.99

First year total: £659.76
Hive HomeShield small home pack★★★½3Initial and installation: £346.60
Monthly: £9.99

First year total: £466.48
Yale Sync Smart HomeN/A3Initial and installation: £489.98
Monthly: £0

First year total: £489.98
ADT Police ResponseN/A4Initial and installation: £599
Monthly: £32.99

First year total: £944.88

Information updated in January 2021.

Monitored vs unmonitored security systems

Verisure, ADT, and SimpliSafe offer a monitored service, which is why they all charge monthly fees.

The question is: do you want to be responsible for watching over your home 24/7, every day of the year? Or would you rather pay a fee to make sure a group of trained people help you stay protected?

A monitored home security system does cost a fair amount, but considering there are around 300,000 burglaries every year in the UK – at least 95% of which go unsolved – it could be worth it.

woman monitors security feeds

A monitored package can give you a priceless sense of security


When you play off the big companies against each other, it becomes clear who’s offering the best deal. In a five-way contest of Verisure vs Yale vs ADT vs SimpliSafe vs Hive, Verisure comes out on top.

SimpliSafe’s bundle is the only one to include more sensors, but the fact that it costs so much means it still falls short.

Verisure’s package also includes fake fog, which reportedly expels burglars in less than 45 seconds.

If you’d like to compare all the best ways to protect your home, you can fill out your details for free home security quotes.

Smart home systems

A smart home system can cost as little or as much as you want.

However, the average starter pack will set you back around £150, depending on what you want from your first foray into the world of the future.

Here are a variety of top quality starter packs, all of which come with smart hubs.

SystemWhat you getPriceRating
Hive Welcome Home Plan• 2 smart bulbs
• Motion sensor
• Smart plug
Google Nest• Nest Mini
• Nest Cam Outdoor
• Nest Hello
Bosch Security Starter Kit• Entry sensor
• Motion sensor
• Smoke detector
Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit• 3 sensors
• Smart plug

Information updated in January 2021.

How much does a custom smart home cost?

A custom smart home can cost whatever you want it to – that’s the beauty of picking and choosing.

So if the smart home package deals above aren’t speaking to you, that’s totally fine. Maybe they aren’t focused enough on what’s important to you – and it’s great that you know that.

Smart devices give you the opportunity to prioritise an aspect of your life, whether that’s comfort or security – so why not take advantage?

To give you some sort of idea about prices, here are some custom packages we’ve put together:

Custom packageWhat you getPrice
Security• Monitored security
• Garage door opener
• Video doorbell
Energy-saving• Smart thermostat
• 2 smart bulbs
• Smart plug
Entertainment• Smart TV
• Smart speaker
• Universal remote
(£212 without TV)
Easier life• Smart blinds
• Smart speaker
• Smart bulbs
• Smart light switch
• Robot hoover

Information updated in January 2021.

Professional vs DIY security

You can install some of the cameras, alarms, and smart devices we’ve mentioned yourself, while others require a professional touch.

A home security system typically costs between £150 and £250 more when you pay for installation – but it’s often worth it to get the system working.


Pros and cons of professional installation


  • Safer for you
  • Gives you peace of mind


  • Typically costs £150-£250 more
  • You arrange the installation yourself
DIY security can result in you accidentally injuring yourself, as well as doing damage to your brand-new home security system. This can void your warranty, and leave you with a useless collection of malfunctioning plastic and wires.

If you feel confident using power tools and navigating a smart device’s instruction manual, then there’s no need to part with your hard-earned cash. Just don’t take unnecessary risks. It’d be a horrible irony if the technology you bought to keep you safe left you injured.

How to save money with home security installation in 6 simple steps

1. Only buy wireless equipment
2. Look for deals – there are always deals
3. Don’t be dazzled by big brand names
4. Do it yourself, safely, but if that’s not possible…
5. Remember: professional installation costs less than replacing everything
6. Get an effective home security system, or risk losing thousands because of a burglary


A home security system can cost hundreds of pounds – but it could save you thousands in stolen items and emotional trauma. And thankfully, there are plenty of cheaper options to choose from when you’re making this crucial decision about your security.

You should now be fully prepared to protect your home and the people you love, giving you peace of mind – and making your life significantly better, if you buy the right smart devices for you.

Complete this form to compare free home security quotes from reputable professionals in the field. You’re ready to safeguard your future.

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