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What Is Wikipedia?

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Wikipedia's Solar Energy Article - The First Half

Wikipedia provides an excellent and very comprehensive article on solar energy which is set out in easy to understand sections covering every aspect of solar energy and how it can be utilized in numerous ways, including the use of solar panels. The article then goes on to discuss the energy of the sun, the applications of solar technology and architecture and urban planning involving solar energy. These sections are followed by sections on the importance of solar energy on agriculture and horticulture, with a paragraph on the use of greenhouses to convert the sunlight into heat for the production of plants and crops not suited to colder climates, solar lighting, including a paragraph on the use of Hybrid Solar Lighting used for providing interior illumination, and solar thermal energy.

Wikipedia's Solar Energy Article - The Second Half

The wikipedia article then goes on to discuss water heating, heating, cooling and ventilation used in both residential and commercial properties. The section on water treatment covers aspects such as solar distillation, used for making dirty or salt water suitable for drinking, and solar water disinfection, where plastic bottles filled with water are exposed to the sunlight for a length of time, as a method of household water treatment, to produce safe drinking water. Next you will come to a section on solar cooking, including the use of parabolic dishes, and describing how solar cookers use sunlight to cook, dry and pasteurize goods as well as a section on process heat used for industrial applications. Next are sections on solar power and concentrated solar power, which is a concentrated heat used in power plants and is produced by using specific systems to concentrate large areas of sunlight into small, single beams. The next section covers photovoltaics which use the photoelectric effect to convert the solar light into electricity, the principle behind solar panels. The solar power section also includes information on some of the planet's solar power stations including the world's largest photovoltaic power plant situated in Canada. There are in depth sections on solar chemical, which is a process that utilizes solar energy to promote chemical reactions, and solar vehicles which documents several types of vehicles, including cars and planes, which are powered by solar energy. Finally you will find the sections on energy storage methods and development, deployment and economics stating how solar water heating and cooling is the most widely deployed form of solar technology.

Notes And References

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