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An engineer may charge you for repairs during a boiler service

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Having a broken boiler is not fun; think cold showers, redundant radiators and a house that resembles the Arctic (minus the polar bears). To ensure that you and your family don’t end up in this situation, it’s wise to have your boiler regularly serviced. This applies to all three types of popular boiler: combi, system, and conventional.

Boiler manufacturers – and engineers – recommend that you have your boiler serviced at least once a year to make sure it’s working properly.

Even if you don’t think there’s anything wrong with your boiler, they’re complicated pieces of kit and it could have a number of problems within its hardware that you simply can’t see. Regular checks will identify any issues long before they become potentially dangerous and escalate into expensive repairs.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about boiler services, including typical costs, top providers, and what to look out for.

Alternatively, you can start receiving free boiler quotes from local installers by getting in contact with our professionals and receiving free quotes.

What's in this guide to boiler service costs?

01 | What is a boiler service?
02 | How much is a boiler service?
03 | How much do repairs cost?
04 | What happens during a boiler service?
05 | Who should service your boiler?

What is a boiler service?

Boiler services are check ups for your boiler, just like your own health assessments with a doctor. That way, an engineer or plumber can make sure everything is in order – and likely to stay that way.

Boiler servicing is important to check for any risks of gas leak, which you probably won't smell, and which causes 50 deaths a year. It will also help prevent your boiler from taking a holiday in the depths of winter, and help protect you from costly boiler replacements down the line.

It's recommended to find a boiler service once a year, and in many cases this is actually necessary to keep your boiler warranty valid.

What does a boiler service include?

You'll want to check with the engineer or plumber when you book exactly what you can expect. Depending on the company you go with, and the price you pay, your service may include anything from a boiler check up to a full plumbing and electricity service.

On the boiler side, the qualified serviceman will usually want to test the following for you:

  • Boiler controls
  • Gas and pressure flow
  • Internal main components
  • Combustion releases
  • Safety devices
  • Water and gas pipework
  • Electrical connections
  • Seals – to ensure that they are intact

The engineers will be there primarily to identify any corrosion or leaks, as well as clean boiler parts if required. That way, your boiler will keep your home and water warm for longer.

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How much does a boiler service cost?

Exactly how much you’ll pay for a boiler service will depend on factors like who carries out the service and if any repairs need to be made (more on these later). You can pay for your boiler service in two ways:

• Pay a one-off fee each time your boiler is serviced

• Take out boiler cover that includes boiler servicing

One-off boiler service costs

The average cost of a one-off boiler service is around £72, although the work can cost anywhere between £60 and £100. Large national firms tend to charge around 25 to 50% more for a boiler service than local businesses.

Boiler service price comparison

If you're on a budget, Vaillant boilers aren't just one of the most reliable – they are also some of the most affordable to service in the UK.

This table gives you an example of how much a selection of companies charge for a one-off boiler service:

Boiler service cost (starting price)
EDF Energy
British Gas

Prices sourced from company websites.

Boiler cover costs

Taking out boiler cover will protect you should your boiler – or any of its controls – break. Most (but not all) boiler cover includes free boiler servicing. You’ll need to pay for your boiler cover in monthly instalments, which will typically cost you upwards of £100 per year.

The table below shows you how much different companies charge for boiler cover, including boiler servicing:

Boiler cover cost (per month)
Boiler and heater cover cost (per month)
Boiler, heater, and electrics cover cost (per month)
Scottish Power
Homeserve (eON)
British Gas

Prices sourced from company websites.

As an alternative, you can usually add boiler cover – as well as servicing – onto your home insurance policy. Normally you have to buy what’s known as ‘Home Emergency Cover’ as an add-on to your insurance. This doesn’t cost too much though – only about £4 or £5 a month – so it can actually work out cheaper than buying independent boiler cover.

However, check carefully to see whether the insurance covers the type of boiler you have installed in your home; some companies may not insure unvented systems such as certain types of megaflow boiler.

One-off boiler service or boiler cover with servicing?

Given how much more expensive it is to buy boiler cover, most homeowners just choose to pay for a one-off boiler service each year. Modern-day boilers from big-name brands are pretty reliable, so paying for comprehensive cover that includes services you probably won’t need – such as 24-hour call-outs and boiler replacement – is likely to be a waste of your money.

However, for peace of mind, it might pay to get covered. If you have a boiler that’s more than eight years old, it’s likely that issues are on the way, and so some proper boiler cover will probably give you your money's worth.

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How much do boiler repairs cost?

If an engineer spots a fault with your boiler during its service, you’ll usually have to pay for the repairs on top of the servicing cost. If you’ve taken out boiler cover, however, the cost of repairs is often covered within your policy (meaning you won’t have to pay a penny).

The average cost of repairing a boiler is £314*
*According to the comparison service, uSwitch.

You should expect to pay between £100 and £400 for most boiler repairs – this includes parts and labour costs.

The table below gives you a breakdown of the cost of repairing some of the most common boiler faults. These prices are only intended as a guide – exactly how much you’ll pay will depend on things such as the age and model of your boiler, as well as who carries out the repair and when.

Boiler Replacement Part
Air pressure switch
Gas valve
Diverter valve
Heat exchanger

Prices sourced from

Remember. Always check if your boiler warranty is valid, as you’ll often find that the cost of repairs will be covered by it. Most boilers come with a 1-year warranty as standard, but you can extend your boiler warranty to as long as 10 years (at a small fee).

How to tell if something is wrong with your boiler

Apart from the obvious telltale signs that your boiler isn’t working properly – such as no hot water or heating – there are some other things to look (or listen) out for that are often an indication that your boiler isn’t quite working properly.

• Is your boiler’s pilot light or flame orange or yellow, when it should be blue?

• Is your boiler making lots of loud banging or clanking sounds?

• Is your boiler pressure up and down like a yoyo, when it should be steady?

• Is your boiler’s gas or oil usage unusually high?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you should get an engineer round to have a look at your boiler straight away. You can find out more information from our boiler replacement page.


What should an annual boiler service include?

When your boiler is serviced each year, an engineer will visit your home and perform a series of checks on your system which should take about 30 minutes to complete. Here are some of the checks that an engineer will carry out during their visit:

• They’ll give your boiler a visual inspection, looking for any signs of corrosion or leaks.

•They’ll remove the casing of the boiler and check all of its parts and controls are working properly. The engineer will then give the inside of your boiler a good clean.

• They’ll check your boiler’s flue (the duct that removes smoke and waste gases that your boiler generates) to make sure there’s nothing obstructing it and that it’s properly secured to your boiler.

• They’ll fire your boiler up and have a look at its pressure to ensure that it’s correct.

Once all the checks have been completed, the engineer will give you a checklist of the work they’ve done (and whether any faults have been found).

If there’s anything about the service that you want explaining, don’t be afraid to ask the engineer over a cup of tea – they should be more than happy to have a chat.


Who should service your boiler?

A boiler should only ever be serviced by a professional – never attempt to do the job yourself. Depending on what type of boiler you have, you’ll need to use an engineer with the appropriate qualifications.

If you have a gas boiler: you must use a Gas Safe registered engineer.

If you have an oil boiler: you should have your boiler serviced by an OFTEC registered engineer.

If you have a coal or wood-fired boiler: you should always use a HETAS registered engineer.

If you’re unsure whether an engineer is fully certified, you should ask them for proof in person or check online using tools such as the Gas Safe register which show you if a person is qualified.

Next steps

Now that you have all the information that you could possibly want on boiler services, call out the engineer and get it done. If – once the service is complete – you end up on the receiving end of some bad news, we can help you with comparing quotes.

To find out how much a new boiler will cost you, simply fill in this short form, and some of our professional, local installers will be in touch.

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