Grants for Business Solar Panels

Business and commercial solar panels

Investing in solar panels is an easy decision for most businesses to make. Not only does the government pay you for the energy you generate, you also protect your business from rising energy bills.

Many businesses across the UK turn to solar as a solid investment as the government Feed-in tariff offers an index linked 8-13% ROI over 20 years.

The panels themselves should last for about 50 years, providing you with half a century of free energy.

Solar panels also significantly cut your carbon footprint demonstrating your green credentials to employees, investors and the community.

How will my business earn money from solar PV

Thanks to a government incentive call the Feed-in tariff, you earn money through three ways if you install solar panels.

Feed-in tariff rate – 14.9p/kWh
Firstly, the government pays you for the electricity you generate and use, this typically add ups to about £400 per year for an average 3kW panel. The Feed-in tariff is tax-free, index-linked and lasts 20 years.
National Grid sell back rate – 4.64p/kWh
The government also pays you for the electricity you produce but don’t use. This gets sold back to the grid and will earn you about £60 per annum.
Savings on energy bills
You will also save on your energy bills because the electricity you use when your panels are in use is free.

This should save you about £100 a year. On top of this, you are helping the environment by not using as much carbon.

It is important to realise that the FiT varies depending on the size of the system you want to install. For commercial solar, the larger the system, the lower the FiT. However, the cost of the solar panels also decreases, so the ROI should not change that much.

To find out exactly how much your business could earn and save from solar panels contact one of our specialists by filling out the form above.

Is my business eligible for the feed-in tariff?

Anyone who installs solar PV panels is eligible for the FiT. However, the installer and panel must be MCS accredited else the government will not pay any money out.

It is important to receive quotes from a couple of installers before accepting an offer and we recommend using an impartial comparison service like this site offers.

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