Bristol Solar Panel Installers

Bristol Coat Of Arms It has been estimated that one third of all of the properties in Bristol are suitable for a PV solar installation; that equates to approximately 424 hectares of roof space (600 football pitches or twice the area of The Downs in the city!)

A solar mapping potential survey for Bristol, conducted in partnership with Blom UK and German SUN-AREA, evaluated that the levels of insolation (incident solar radiation) which hits the city that of the 240,000 properties assessed:

  • 34% (80,924) were unsuitable for PV solar panels.
  • 2% (4,642) offered reasonable potential.
  • 27% (64,854) offered good potential.
  • 34% (88,650) offered very good potential.

If solar PV panels were installed on all suitable rooftops, the potential for generation would amount to 348GWh/yr of electricity, meeting one quarter of the needs of the city annually.

Bristol Solar PV Providers

Established in 1994, by founder Stephen Barrett in Saltford near Bristol, Solarsense now has its head office in the Long Ashton area of the city. Providing consultancy and installation services for both domestic and commercial PV solar customers, the company remains very aware of their carbon footprint and the importance of reducing travel miles and sources all of their assembled PV equipment, inverters and modules from within the EU.

Among the more high profile customers in their portfolio are agricultural installations for the Duchy of Cornwall and for Worthy Farm at Pilton, the home of the Glastonbury Festival founder, Michael Eavis.

Located in the Ashton Vale district of Bristol, Paul O’Brien Solar Installations are an MCS (Microgeneration scheme) accredited installer and partners of leading PV solar panel manufacturers, Sun Power and Sharp. Providing installation services for domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial customers, they are currently offering homeowners the opportunity to benefit from free installation packages.

Any Other Alternatives?

Long established PV Solar provider, Solar Tech Ltd, have now spread their business to a number of locations around the UK although still maintain their founding link with the city of Bristol from their Head Office at the Aztec West Business Park. Their professional services are available to all sizes of domestic or commercial customers and all of the PV Solar panels they use are approved under MCS legislation.

The company are currently offering a 5-10 year leasing funding package which is available to domestic customers. Information and conditions are available direct from Solar Tech.

Announced in June 2012 by the solar power co-operative Bristol Power, homeowners in the Lockleaze area of the city are being offered the opportunity to benefit from up to 40% reductions in their energy bills with the installation of PV solar panels on their properties.

It is hoped that this renewables initiative will spread to other areas of Bristol eager to take advantage of the 1,000 hours of potential solar generated electricity annually.

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