Cashing in with UK Solar Farms


Solar Farms

Solar farms in the UK have experienced increasing popularity due to government Feed in Tariffs being introduced in April 2010. A solar farm is a photovoltaic array constructed for profit purposes by selling generated electricity to the national grid under the Feed in Tariffs for renewable energy. Feed in tariffs are meant to incentivize home owners and businesses into helping create more renewable energy for themselves and others but smart investors are really cashing in with UK solar farms. The owners of UK solar farms can earn tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds every year just by allowing solar panels to absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity with no intervention required and without generating pollution.

How do Solar Farms Make Money?

UK solar farms make money from every kilowatt of electricity that they generate via Feed in tariffs which will pay solar farms up to 43.3p p/kWh for all electricity generated and consumed. Electricity that is not used is paid at an additional 3.1p for every kWh which brings the maximum to 46.4p p/kWh and most solar farms will export more than they use as a business principle. There will be a rate cap imposed on solar farms in the UK above 50kW in size on the 1st of August 2011 and solar farms between 50kW and 150kW will see their income drop from 32.9p p/kWh to 19p. Solar farms between 150kW and 250kW will see their profits drop from 30.7p p/kWh to 15p. Anything above 250kW is paid at a reduced rate of 8.5p p/kWh. All solar farms completed before the 1st August will still be entitled to the higher payment for 25 years and solar farms below 50kW will not be affected by the changes.

Tips on How to Cash in Big Time

Farmers can cash in on Feed in tariffs by leasing their unused land to solar developers who will install solar panels and pay the farmer a yearly rent for this. Those building solar farms will need to choose the solar panels that they use wisely and ensure that only the top commercial solar panel suppliers/installers are used or the project could be a waste of money. The key to highly efficient and profitable solar farms is choosing the most reliable and durable solar panels that will last the entire 25 year tariff period and selecting a Company experienced and skilled enough to properly design the system. A large percentage of system inefficiencies can be traced to the quality of the solar system design and installation.

How to Find the Top Solar Companies

Finding the best commercial solar panel Company in the UK to supply and install your solar farm system can sometimes feel like a never ending task as all of them claim to be technically excellent and would never turn down such a large job. It may be worth your while using the free resources available on a specialist solar farm information website that can provide interesting reviews on the types of solar farms and how best to go about building your own cash generating UK solar farm.

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