Beth Howell

Content Manager

Beth has written for The Eco Experts for over three years, combining her journalistic skills with her knowledge of the environmental industry, garnering thousands of readers along the way.

With her articles covering a range of environmental topics – from solar panel suggestions to the future of green tech, environmental news to heat pump recommendations – Beth really does have the know-how when it comes to environmental living.

Since joining The Eco Experts team, her work has been featured in various publications, such as The BBC, Forbes, The Express, Greenpeace, and in multiple academic journals. She has also attended Grand Designs Live as a Green Living Expert, providing tailored advice to members of the public about heat pumps and solar panels.

Her level of expertise has grown vastly over the years, after delving deep into complex analysis pieces, such as The Most Polluting Industries, What Is Carbon Capture And Does It Actually Work?, and Is Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Gas? 

You can contact Beth via email at

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