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Viessmann Boiler Reviews

Viessmann boilers score top marks for reliability and build quality

The best boiler around is the Viessmann Vitodens 200-W

Every new Viessmann boiler is fitted with smart thermostat technology

Researching new boiler costs? Consider Viessmann, one of the biggest boiler brands around.

Viessmann competes with the likes of Worcester Bosch and Ideal. It has top-notch user reviews and star features that make it hard to beat for tech specs.

With a range of Viessmann boilers to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice – plus the company makes the best boiler on the market right now: the Viessmann Vitodens 200-W.

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Viessmann customer reviews and ratings

A Viessmann Boiler in a kitchen

According to a Which? survey of 11,571 boiler owners and Trustpilot’s user reviews, here is how some of the top boiler brands compare to Viessmann:

Trustpilot Score
Which? Score
The Eco Experts Score
Worcester Bosch

Want the big picture? Check out our full best boiler brands page here.


Types of Viessmann boilers

Viessmann produces a variety of gas condensing boilers under the company’s Vitodens brand name. Regardless of the size of your home, there’s a Viessmann model that can meet your requirements.

When gas condensing technology converts fuel to energy, it uses more gas than traditional boilers, ensuring increased energy efficiency.

In 2007, the government passed a law saying all new boilers must be condensing. Now, gas condensing boilers are the most popular kind in the UK – which is great, since they’re much more efficient than other types of boilers.

For this type of boiler to work properly, a fan-assisted flue will also need to be installed, which safely vents smoke via your property’s external wall.

Smart tech: Each Viessmann gas condensing boiler is fitted with tado° or ViCare smart thermostat technology.

This makes it easy to control your home’s central heating and water temperature, thanks to a free smartphone app. Whenever you want to return to a nice, warm home, simply adjust the temperature remotely.


What kind of gas condensing boilers does Viessmann offer?

There are three kinds of Viessmann gas condensing boilers to choose from:

    1. Combi boilers – Compact in size and designed for smaller properties, particularly those with little or no roof space. Instead of using a hot water tank, everything happens in one small box – plus combi boilers only heat up water when you need it.
    2. System boilers – Built for homes with more than one bathroom. System boilers use a hot water tank, but don’t require a tank in the loft, and are compatible with Solar Water Heating (SWH) systems.
    3. Conventional boilers – Perfect for properties with two or more bathrooms and/or low water pressure, these somewhat cumbersome systems use a hot water tank and a loft tank. Conventional boilers are also SWH-compatible.


Viessmann’s boiler range

Boiler Type
Energy Output
Efficiency Rating
Smart Home Capable
Warranty (in years)
5.9 kW to 35 kW
Yes (tado)
3 to 7
Conventional, Combi, or System
4.7 kW to 35 kW
Yes (tado)
1 to 10
4.7 kW to 35 kW
Yes (tado)
5 to 10
Combi or System
35 kW
Yes (ViCare)
3 to 10
1.8 kW to 35 kW
Yes (ViCare)
1.9 kW to 26 kW
Yes (ViCare)


Which Viessmann boiler is the best one?

All the boilers above are recommended by our experienced experts, and all of them apart from the 242-F Combi are Which? Best Buys to boot – but the 100-W Boiler is Viessmann’s best-selling gas condensing boiler.

Essentially, there are six boilers available from Viessmann, and all these are ideal for homes – and with at least two versions of each model, there’s plenty to choose from.

For instance, the Vitodens 050-W is a combi boiler that comes with energy outputs of 29 kW or 35 kW.

The Vitodens 100-W, on the other hand, is available in 10 different models, offering conventional, combi and system options – and energy outputs that range from 19 kW to 35 kW.

Viessmann boilers will help you cut your energy bills. All models achieve a high Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK (SEDBUK) rating.

Any boiler with a 90% score or above is given an ‘A’ rating, and Viessmann has As across the board.


Viessmann boiler prices

boiler installer at work

In our experience, installing a new Viessmann boiler will cost you anything from £1,600 to £6,500.

You can expect to pay between £1,600 and £2,500 if you have a small home, £3,000 to £5,000 if you live in a semi-detached or terraced property, or £4,000 to £6,500 if you have a large home.

This table gives you an idea of what you would pay for some of Viessmann’s most popular models. These costs vary, as each model comes with difference specs.

Cost (without installation)
£855 to £910
£795 to £1,500
£1,520 to £1,640
£1,150 to £1,650
£2,520 to £2,610
£5,990 to £6,190

How much will the installation cost?

Replacing a combi costs around £1,600, while a conventional replacement will set you back about £2,000. Installing a combi boiler at a new site, however, is a bit more pricey, at roughly £2,300.

Did You Know?

A power flush, a thermostat, a chemical flush, radiators, or moving pipes will cost extra. For the full package, you could pay as much as £1,600.


How good are Viessmann boilers?

  • Trustpilot rating: Great (from 9 verified user reviews)
  • Which? rating: 86%
  • Eco Experts rating:

Our boiler experts gave Viessmann an overall rating of 4 out of 5.

That’s better than Ideal (3 out of 5), on a par with Vaillant (4 out of 5) and not quite up there with Grant and Worcester Bosch (5 out of 5).

To see how Viessmann boilers compare with other brands, check out our full list of the best boilers in the UK.


What are my payment options?

Before choosing your boiler, it’s good to bear in mind that going for the cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best long-term strategy.

Paying a little more for quality will almost certainly guarantee fewer issues, not to mention smaller repair bills, further down the line.

It’s a good idea to secure at least three independent quotes from trusted suppliers before proceeding, because costs can vary. We built a quote-finder form to make this step as easy as possible.

When you decide on the best boiler for your household, you’ll have three options:

  1. Use a boiler replacement company – You should have access to a number of local experts that will be able to provide several options, and many will also offer 0% financing.
  2. Contact your energy supplier for advice – British Gas, for example, supply Viessmann’s boilers.
  3. Buy direct from a supplier – But remember: hiring anyone other than a Gas Safe-registered engineer to carry out an installation is illegal, potentially dangerous and will likely invalidate your warranty.


Servicing and repairs

Breakdowns are rare. Viessmann boilers have a stellar reputation. The company sets itself apart from many of its rivals through its use of a stainless steel heat exchanger, which is extremely resistant to corrosion.

A cut above the rest? Lots of Viessmann’s competitors use an aluminium heat exchanger that is more likely to be damaged, due to a tendency to corrode much more quickly.

How often do Viessmann boilers need servicing? We recommend an annual boiler servicing to keep your model in sound working condition. That said, Viessmann does offer extensive after-sales support should a fault ever develop.

Check your warranty. Each Viessmann boiler comes with a warranty ranging from two to 10 years, ensuring that for the length of the term, most repairs will be completely free.

Just note that for many Viessmann boilers, you’ll only get the full warranty period if you have your boiler installed by a Viessmann-trained engineer and registered through Viessmann’s Installer Portal.

Excellent engineers: Viessmann has exclusive access to Gas Safe-registered engineers around the UK. If you need an expert, they can come to your home fully equipped to fix the majority of repairs.


What makes Viessmann Boilers special?

viessmann boiler reviews

Viessmann makes our competitive list of the UK’s best boiler brands – and here’s what sets them apart from the rest:

  1. Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger – It may not sound like much, but steel is rust-free and longer lasting than aluminium, and Viessmann uses them across its range.
  2. Longer warranty – The average boiler warranty lasts around five years. Viessmann boilers generally offer seven to 10 years.
  3. Smart boilers – Every Viessmann boiler comes with the tech you need to stay in control of your heating from your smartphone.

Still not convinced? Check out our no-nonsense list of the best boilers in the UK for the low-down on the UK’s leading boiler suppliers.

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