Countries Most Likely To Survive Climate Change

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The map below shows the countries most at risk from climate change as well as the countries least at risk and therefore most likely to survive climate change.

The data, published by ND-Gain Index, measures and ranks a country’s vulnerability and readiness to adapt to climate change. It shows many countries in Africa and Asia exhibit a dangerous combination of high vulnerability and low readiness. The map also shows that countries in the West, who are arguably most responsible for causing climate change, are less vulnerable and better prepared, making them most likely to survive the severe impacts of climate change.

With climate change described as one of the greatest challenges of our time, the impacts of destructive changes in temperature, rainfall and agriculture will affect every country. These findings highlight the need for richer, more technologically advanced nations to help less developed countries.

Ultimately there will be no winners from the effects of climate change, every country will be impacted in some way. Just how much depends on the decisions made now by world leaders.

But renewable energy sources like solar panels and more efficient appliances like boilers are great ways to make your home moe energy efficient and ultimately reduce your carbon footprint.

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Map of countries most likely to survive climate change

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