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Review of SunPower Solar Panels

SunPower’s Maxeon solar panel is one of the best on the market

You get a 40-year warranty on Maxeon solar panels

SunPower solar panels are more durable than other makes

Solar power is one of the best ways to reduce your energy bills, shrink your carbon emissions, and reduce your dependence on the grid – plus solar panel costs are falling.

If you’ve been thinking about getting solar panels, you might’ve heard of SunPower, which is one of the best-known solar manufacturers in the world.

We cover everything you’ll need to know about SunPower solar panels in this guide, including costs, how good they are, and what SunPower’s best solar panel is.

And if you’re ready to start looking for a solar panel system to call your own, you can compare prices with our help. Simply enter a few details about your home and we’ll connect you with our expert installers, who’ll get in touch with obligation-free quotes.

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Who is SunPower?

SunPower has been manufacturing solar panels in the US for 35 years, and is using that experience to continue improving its solar technology.

The company was formed in America and has become one of the biggest solar panel manufacturers in the world. It’s since expanded to international markets, and now sells solar panels in over 100 countries.

And in 2020, SunPower agreed to split into two companies – Sunpower and Maxeon Solar Technologies – with the latter becoming an independent entity that continues to sell SunPower products.

SunPower’s solar panel range explained

SunPower provides a wide range of solar panels to suit different needs and budgets. Its flagship Maxeon range is your best option for high-performing solar panels that last for decades – and they all come with a 40-year warranty.

Just below its Maxeon range is SunPower’s Performance solar panels, which contain cells that can withstand over 400 newtons of force before breaking. That’s more than the average 250 newtons of force ordinary solar cells can manage without snapping.

Under test conditions, typical solar panel cells snapped where those used in the Performance range continued to bend (solar panels that bend more can withstand greater pressures from the weather).

All of SunPower’s solar panels come with microinverters (microinverters let solar panels convert sunlight into useable electricity) from Enphase Energy, an American company responsible for some of the best storage batteries you can buy.

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Are SunPower solar panels any good?

SunPower solar panels are among the top solar panels on the market, coming first (or close to first) in the following categories.


The most efficient solar panel SunPower offers is its Maxeon 6 AC, with a peak efficiency of 23%. That puts the model soundly at the top of the pile for residential solar panels.

The benefit of more efficient solar panels is that you can use less space to produce the same output power. So if roof space is a concern, you’ll be better off getting panels with high efficiency.


With a power output of 445 watts (W), SunPower’s Maxeon 6 AC is one of the most powerful solar panels available on the residential market. It eclipses the average of 350 W for high-end solar panels, so you’ll get much more power per panel.


SunPower’s 40-year warranty is one of the most generous available to homeowners of any solar panel warranty, but is only available with its flagship SunPower Maxeon solar panels.

If you’re thinking of buying the Maxeon range, you’ll be covered for both the product and its power output. That means if either fail – or in the case of power output, fall below a certain level – SunPower will cover any repairs or offer a full panel replacement.

If you don’t have a Maxeon solar panel system, you’ll get a 25-year warranty, which is in line with the industry standard and the typical lifespan of most solar panels.

What’s SunPower’s best solar panel?

SunPower’s Maxeon solar panels are the best the company has to offer, because of its excellent efficiency rating and available warranty.

You’ll get a 400 W power output per panel, which is among the very highest commercially available – some even reach 445 W. This amounts to roughly 29% more power from the same space compared to most other panels available on the market, according to SunPower’s website.

We also picked SunPower’s Maxeon 6 AC as the best panel overall in our list of the best solar panels.

Maxeon solar panels are highly durable too, with an independent study showing that they demonstrated the lowest degradation rates in the industry. Solar panels naturally lose efficiency over time, so slower degradation rates mean they’ll keep a higher power output for longer.

Not only that, but Maxeon solar panels had up to four times the reliability of other brands. So they’ll be less likely to break down.

So you’re in pretty good hands with Maxeon solar panels. And, as with all solar panels, there’s a good chance you’ll increase your property’s value. This is great news, considering 69% of Brits would buy or rent a property with solar panels, according to our recent National Home Energy Survey.

Next steps

Making the switch to solar means lowering your energy bills, carbon emissions, and reliance on the grid. And if you’re making that switch, SunPower is a great manufacturer to choose, thanks to its industry-leading solar panels and warranties.

If you’re ready to get solar panels, we can help you compare prices. All you need to do is enter a few details about your home in our short form, and we’ll connect you with our expert installers. They’ll get in touch with obligation-free quotes for you to compare.


If you’re based in the UK, you can expect to pay between £620 (including VAT) for a 400 W solar panel from SunPower.

You’ll need to consider that installation costs aren’t included, but your installer will factor this into the total price. On average, expect to pay around £7,026 for solar panels and installation for a three-bedroom home.

Check out our guide on solar panel costs for more information.

You pay a premium for SunPower solar panels because they are one of the most efficient panels on the market.

The company’s Maxeon range, for example, was the first commercially available solar panel to reach 400 W – most high-end solar panels reach around 350 W.

You also get SunPower’s 40-year warranty, which is one of the longest warranties available for solar panels. However, this warranty is only available with its Maxeon solar panel range – otherwise it’s the standard 25-year warranty.

Written by:
Tom Gill
Tom joined The Eco Experts over a year ago and has since covered the carbon footprint of the Roman Empire, profiled the world’s largest solar farms, and investigated what a 100% renewable UK would look like. Tom has a particular interest in the global energy market and how it works, including the ongoing semiconductor shortage, the future of hydrogen, and Cornwall's growing lithium industry.
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