Edinburgh Solar Panel Installers

DISCLAIMER: Our partners no longer take appointments for homeowners looking to benefit from the Feed-in Tariff, which is due to end on 31st March 2019

Edinburgh Coat Of Arms East Lothian, which includes the city of Edinburgh, can expect an average of 1,400 sunshine hours annually leading some to believe it may not be an ideal candidate for the installation of solar generated installations.

However, with the increasing technology now employed by the manufacturers of PV solar modules, an efficient generation of energy can be delivered on even the most overcast of days.

Solar Provision in the Edinburgh Area

PV Solar installation specialists, Evergreen Solar offer their bespoke services to domestic and commercial customers across Scotland and south of the Border. All of the components, modules and inverters used in their installation projects are supplied by Solar Choice and are compliant with the highest standards of European regulation, carrying the DIN Certco approved accreditation.

As succinctly put by one of Evergreen's satisfied Edinburgh customers, "The Evergreen solar installers were prompt, efficient and polite and cleared up after themselves. Very satisfactory!"

Founded by the Newball brothers when the renewable energy sector was still very much in its infancy, Absolute Solar and Wind Ltd still maintain their dedication to the provision of service based on quality, professionalism and leading technology. They carry our PV solar installations throughout Scotland and beyond and are happy to undertake projects for the commercial, agricultural or domestic consumer using only the highest efficiency rated solar technology available.

Independent Solar Provision

Based on the Eastern Industrial Estate in the city, Solar Technology have been providing solar installation services since the introduction of the FIT (Feed-in Tariff) scheme in April 2010. To date, they have completed 180 PV solar projects for domestic and commercial customers throughout Scotland with a total energy generation of 500kWh.

Managing Director, Tom Morley is justifiably proud of the independent status of the company believing it allows them to recommend the best possible solar solution for each individual customer, ensuring optimal generation potential and delivering the best return on investment possible. All of Solar Technology's installation work carries a 5 year guarantee.

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