Review of SunPower Solar Panels

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SunPower have been ranked as one of the top 10 solar companies in the world and their solar panels are among the best performing in the industry. A review of SunPower solar panels should start with an understanding of what has made SunPower one of the top 10 solar photovoltaic manufacturers in the world.

Makes of Solar Panels

Solar panels are constructed from as many as 72 solar cells interconnected to produce a specific power output and how well they achieve their rated output and efficiency will depend on the quality of their construction, design and how they are installed. There quite a few solar panel manufacturers and choosing one of the top brands is important if one wants the best quality and efficiency levels.


The year of 1993 saw SunPower's solar panels power a Honda vehicle that won the Adelaide solar race by a whole day. SunPower solar panels are now one of the world's most efficient solar panels available and SunPower has built more than 120 large scale photovoltaic solar PV systems over the last 10 years which is reported to be more than any other solar panel manufacture in the world.

SunPower Solar Modules

E Series 327w

X Series 335w All Black

X Series 345

Commercial E series for systems over 50 kWp

All have 96 cells and the panel sizes are around the same size as a normal panels - 1046 x 1559m

How good are SunPower Solar Panels?

SunPower solar panels are well known for being built sturdily and offering conversion efficiency of up to 21.5 percent. With low voltage temperature coefficients, SunPower solar panels are able to ensure optimal battery charging current during high temperature operation. SunPower solar panel pricing is competitive and products are shipped with a 25 year warranty on power production.

SunPower Solar Panel Prices

SunPower solar panel prices will vary between suppliers and also the power output rating and specification. The SunPower SPR 90 costs around £332 and provides 90 watts of power output. The SPR 130 135 watt solar panel costs about £479 from many UK suppliers.

It is advisable only to compare SunPower solar panel prices between MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) accredited companies to ensure that the supply and installation meets UK government guidelines. MCS accreditation is also a requirement of the UK government Feed in Tariff for renewable energy that pays consumers to generate electricity using MCS approved solar panels.

SunPower solar panels are MCS approved so they can earn consumers cash under the scheme for 25 years. The only requirement for receiving these cash payments of up to 4.39p per kilowatt hour from FITs is that the supplying and installing company must also be MCS accredited.

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