1KW Solar Panel System Prices

DISCLAIMER: Our partners no longer take appointments for homeowners looking to benefit from the Feed-in Tariff, which is due to end on 31st March 2019

A 1kW solar panel installation will cost in the region of £2,500 - £3,000.

An estimated annual output of a system of this size is around 850kWh.

Installing a 1kW solar panel system will give you a return of up to £200 in your first year and lock in tax-free earnings for the next 20 years, along with reducing your energy bills.

Approximate Roof Space

Typical System Size
Estimated Cost (£)

Estimated Annual Output

CO2 saved over 25 years (tonnes)

Estimated First Year Return
Profit Over 20 years
8 sq m
14 sq m
21 sq m
28 sq m

1kW solar panel systems

As a 1kW solar panel system is likely to produce 850kWh a year it follows that a 1kW solar panel system is likely to generate approximately 25% of a homes required power given that the average home is estimated to consume around 3,000 kWh of electricity every year.

Budget permitting, it would be more cost effective to install a larger photovoltaic system as maximum cash pay outs from Feed in Tariffs of 14.9p per kWh generated, are paid out on systems of up to 4kW. A larger 2.5kW photovoltaic system will cost around £4,000 with installation.

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Solar panel system suppliers

There are many suppliers offering a number of different brands of solar panels but one should be cautious of very low solar panel prices from relatively unknown companies. These companies may charge a very low solar panel system price for a 1kW set up, but may not possess the expertise to properly design and install an efficient and high performing system as solar products are relatively new to the UK market.

Finding the best solar panel supplier for you 1kW solar panel system is more important than finding the best solar panels as they will be able to give advice on the best product specifications for your installation. Their years of training and experience will enable them to get the highest efficiency levels from the chosen solar panels.

Comparing solar panel prices

The best way to compare solar panel prices in the UK is to use the free resources of a solar energy comparison website. These sites can compare products and suppliers and be sure that only MCS accredited suppliers are included in any comparison to limit rogue traders or substandard installations.

To help reduce the number of shoddy and unsafe installations the DECC (Department of Energy and Climate Change) has given an industry funded and led organization the power of solar industry regulation for the purposes of Feed in Tariffs or FITs. The Microgeneration Certification Scheme or MCS has been given the responsibility to assess, train and approve solar panel installers on behalf of the DECC.

Even if the solar panels themselves are MCS approved, using an installer not MCS accredited will nullify any application to receive cash from FITs.

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