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Vokera Boiler Review: Everything You Need to Know

Vokera boilers cost between £550 and £5,200

The brand is among the most popular in the UK and Ireland

The company has 4.5 stars on Trustpilot

Researching new boiler costs? Vokera is one of the most popular boiler brands in the UK, with more than 1.5 million heating appliances sold during its 30-year history.

But are Vokera boilers any good? And how do they compare with other leading boiler brands like Worcester Bosch and Vaillant?

To help you decide, we’ve put Vokera boilers to the test based on the things that matter most: value for money, range of models, efficiency, repairs service, and real customer reviews from Trustpilot and Which?.

Read on for our full review, or save time by completing our short form to get bespoke quotes from trusted boiler installers in your area.

vokera boilers

Vokera Boiler Review Guide: what’s on this page?


Vokera customer reviews and ratings

Out of the 464 customer reviews on Trustpilot, most of the feedback praises Vokera for its excellent work and customer service. Despite these excellent reviews, rivals like Worcester Bosch and Viessmann vary both push slightly ahead of Vokera. However, you should note that these boilers are usually more expensive than Vokera’s.

Below are the impartial ratings Vokera boilers get from Trustpilot, along with our own ratings.

Trustpilot score
The Eco Experts score
Worcester Bosch

Seen something you like? Get the full picture on our no-nonsense best boiler brands page here.


Types of Vokera boiler

All Vokera boilers are condensing boilers. This means they recover some of the heat – which would normally be lost through the flue – and reuse it. They are dramatically more efficient than older, non-condensing boilers.

Since 2005, it has been a legal requirement for new domestic gas boilers to be condensing, unless this is not possible.

As well as combi, system and conventional boilers, Vokera also makes water heaters, hot water cylinders, solar thermal panels and heat pumps.

There are three main types of boiler: combi, system and conventional – and Vokèra makes all three. Check out our quick overview of these boiler categories below:


Combi boilers

Combi boilers provide unlimited heat for central heating and hot water on demand. There is no tank or water cylinder in the loft or airing cupboard – the water is simply heated as required – so they are space-saving and very convenient.

However, they deliver water at mains pressure, so some people prefer other types of boiler if their water pressure is low or they use hot water in several places at once.


Conventional boilers

Conventional boilers are the type with a hot water cylinder and tanks in the loft. They are not as convenient as combis as hot water is neither immediate nor unlimited, but some people in larger households prefer them as they do not rely on mains pressure.

They are also compatible with solar thermal panels, which are difficult to combine with a combi boiler.


System boilers

System boilers heat water using a hot water cylinder, but since there are no tanks in the loft, there is still less pipework – and less space taken up – than with a conventional system.

Otherwise they share most of the pros and cons of a conventional system, including compatibility with solar panels.


Which models are available?

Vokera has made a boiler for most needs – even on the tiniest of budgets. Here is a summary of the different boilers Vokera makes (they’re not as confusing as their names make them out to be).



Evolve is a range of nine combi and system boilers, all A-rated. On top of this, the accompanying Vokera BeSMART thermostat, pushes their energy efficiency rating up to A+.

  • Models: 24C, 28C, 32C, 36C, 42C
  • Liquid crystal display to make them easy to operate
  • Built-in carbon monoxide monitor shuts the boiler down if there is a leak
  • Work with both natural gas and LPG
  • Frost protection: Protects the boiler from damage during cold weather
  • Warranty: Increases from seven years to ten if you opt for BeSMART controls
  • Compact: The Evolve 24Cand 28C measure 74cm x 42cm x 27.5cm and are small enough to fit into a cupboard


Unica i

Unica i combi boilers are designed to reduce their output to save energy, and are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust.

They are A-rated for efficiency, increasing to A+ for the Unica i32 if you add smart controls or weather compensation.

  • Models: i28, i32
  • Frost protection
  • Size: 78cm x 40cm x 36cm



The Vision range is made up of lightweight and compact combi and system boilers which can fit in most standard kitchen cupboards.

With smart controls, their energy efficiency rating rises to 97% for the combis, and up to 93% for the system boilers.

  • Models: 25C, 30C, 25S, 30S
  • Frost protection
  • Size: 72cm x 41cm x 25cm


Compact A

Vokera’s entry-level condensing combi boiler is designed to be easy to operate as well as compact and light enough to fit in most kitchen cupboards.

This model is also endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust.

  • Models: 25A, 29A
  • Frost protection
  • Weight: The 25A weighs just 26kg, the 29A a kilogram more
  • Size: 72cm x 41cm x 25cm


Mynute i

This system boiler is compatible with underfloor heating, as it has two built-in temperature ranges to suit either high or low temperature systems.

  • Models: i20, i30
  • Frost protection
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Anti-seize function
  • Size: 78cm x 40cm x 34cm for the Mynute i20, 78cm x 40cm x 34cm for the Mynute i30


Mynute VHE

The Mynute VHE is a conventional condensing boiler, A-rated for energy efficiency – 93% for the 15VHE, 91% for the 20VHE.

The 15VHE is small enough to fit in a kitchen cupboard and weighs just 25kg, while the larger 20VHE weighs 28kg.

  • Models: 15VHE, 20VHE
  • Frost protection
  • Compatible with solar thermal panels
  • Anti-seize function
  • Size: 64cm x 34cm x 34cm (15VHE), 74cm x 40cm x 34cm (20VHE)
Output Range
Flow Rate (liters per minute)
Energy Efficiency Rating
Energy Efficiency (%)
/warranty (years)
Combi / system
18kw to 35kw
10.7 to 17.2 (combi)
Unica i
20kw to 30kw
11.5 to 14.7 (combi)
Up to 94%
5 / 7
Combi / system
20kw to 25kw
10.2 to 12 (combi)
Up to 93%
5 / 7
Compact A
20kw to 25kw
10.2 to 11.9
Mynute i
20kw to 30kw
Mynute VHE
15kw to 20kw
Up to 93%
5 / 2


Price: cheap but not always cheerful

One of the main attributes of selling Vokera to the public is its price tag. On average Vokera boilers cost between £550 and £5,200, depending on the type you go for, making them one of the cheaper boiler options out there. But is it all cheap and cheerful?

Did You Know?

Vokera boilers are around £300 to £500 cheaper than your average Vaillant or Worcester

Well, most heating engineers do not recommend cutting costs when buying your new boiler. This can lead to you having to pay higher costs much further down the line, with a shorter warranty, or having to fork out a couple of grand for a new boiler in the near future.

To give you a rough guide on how much you can expect to spend on your new boiler, use our calculator below:

Boiler efficiency


Smart controls

An efficient boiler means a low-cost boiler to run. Vokera says smart controls can improve a heating system’s efficiency by up to 5%.



All Vokera boilers are compatible with OpenTherm, a system which hooks up the boiler to the thermostat, which ramps up its efficiency.

Rather than switching on when the temperature is too low and off when it’s too high, OpenTherm alters the boiler’s flow temperature to keep the room temperature steadier, meaning the boiler is more efficient (condensing boilers often work more efficiently at lower flow temperatures).


Weather compensation

Many Vokera boilers already incorporate weather compensation, but an external weather compensation sensor can also be added to many systems.

This adjusts the boiler in response to the temperature outside, so that again, your home stays at a steadier temperature and your boiler is more efficient.



Vokera boilers can also work with the BeSMART system, which allows you to control and adjust your heating and programme your thermostat from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

BeSMART was designed to help you cut your bills, but also alerts both you and the Vokera Service Centre if something goes wrong with your boiler.


Seven-day programmable room thermostat

This gives you control over heating timings and temperatures for a week, allowing you to set the boiler to come on at particular times each day.


Hot water cylinders

Vokera makes two kinds of unvented hot water cylinder: single coil, which are commonly used with system and conventional boilers, and twin coil, which can be used with solar panels (one coil is connected to your boiler, the other to your solar panels).

Vokera’s Aquaflow cylinders are made from stainless steel and have a flow rate of up to 50 litres per minute.

By contrast, the best flow rate you’ll get from one of Vokera’s combi boilers is 17.2 litres per minute. They range in capacity from 120 to 300 litres, and come with a 3kw immersion heater and a 25-year guarantee on the tank.


Renewable energy

Vokera manufactures both solar thermal panels and air source heat pumps.


Solar thermal panels: save money with the Renewable Heat Incentive

Solar thermal panels are made of tubes, called collectors, that are filled with liquid which is warmed by the sun’s heat. The warm liquid is pumped through a coil in your water cylinder to heat your water.

There are two types of solar collectors: flat plate and evacuated tube. Vokera’s Zenith range includes both.

Vokera solar thermal panels are accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme, which means they are considered a reliable manufacturer and you will be eligible for payments through the Renewable Heat Incentive. They also have the Solar Keymark, which shows that they fulfil European standards, and meet British and European Standard BS EN 12975.

The flat plate collectors are backed by a ten-year warranty – although they should have a life expectancy of at least twice that – while the evacuated tube collectors are backed by a two-year warranty.


Air source heat pumps: for more efficient energy

Air source heat pumps extract heat from the air and use it to warm your home. They can do this even when the air is cold.

Vokera’s range of air source heat pumps, called AriaPRO, is available in five sizes, from 4kw to 15kw.

Vokera states its heat pumps can reach a coefficient of performance of 4.2, which means they can produce more than four times the energy in heat that they take in as electricity.

As with Vokera’s solar thermal panels, its heat pumps are accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. They use the chlorine free refrigerant R-410A, which was designed not to damage the ozone layer.

This graph gives you an idea of how efficient your Vokera boiler can be:

Flow Temperature
Outside Temperature

Vokèra’s solar thermal panels and air source heat pumps can be used together, though you will still need a boiler or something else as a backup.

It is also important to make sure your home is properly insulated and draught-proofed if you are going to install an air source heat pump, as otherwise it won’t be able to heat your home effectively.


Repair and service plans: affordable repairs but short warranty

Vokera employs its own engineers and offers fixed price repairs, extended warranty plans and annual service plans – but on occasion, they rely on local engineers.

A fixed price repair includes the cost of the call-out, labour and parts. You can also choose to add a year’s cover against any further breakdowns.

Just note Vokera boilers come with just 2 years’ warranty as standard, compared with between 5 and 7 years for the best boiler brands.


What’s the verdict?

Vokera boilers are known for being cheap rather than good. On average, you can save by buying a Vokera boiler rather than a leading brand like Worcester Bosch or Ideal, which makes them popular among bargain hunters.

But be careful: cheap boilers are often made cheaply and will tend to break down more often. That means you can pay far more in the long term getting it repaired and replaced sooner.

Not sure a Vokera boiler is really for you? Check out our best boiler brands page here to find the right one.

So, if cutting your upfront costs are your thing, Vokera boilers are some of the cheapest boilers around. Want to dig around for the best boilers? Pop your details on our short form to compare quotes from our local boiler installers.

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