Josh Jackman

Senior Writer

This born-and-bred Londoner has written about and reported on eco-friendly home improvements and climate change for the past three years.

Josh’s data-driven work has been featured on the front page of the Financial Times and sites including the Daily Express, Fox News, and Simply Switch, and earned him a spot as the resident expert in a BT initiative to bring smart home tech to more households.

He’s been interviewed on BBC Radio as an expert on renewable ways to heat your home, because he’s absorbed a tremendous amount of knowledge about solar panels, heat pumps, and more boilers than you could throw several sticks at.

Josh has also used the journalistic skills he developed at The Jewish Chronicle and PinkNews to investigate and analyse every green government grant in existence, and examine the impact of cryptocurrency – and Henry VIII – on the climate.

Whether you see Josh at an Arsenal game or a hipster bar, you could always win him over with his twin loves: whisky and cheese.

You can get in touch with Josh via email.

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