What is the Price of a Commercial Solar Heating System

Solar Heating

A typical commercial solar heating system can provide up to around 70% of heating requirements. Solar heating for commercial purposes is typically controlled by thermal modules comprising of several evacuated tubes or thermal collectors that contain a antifreeze and water mixture. The fluid collects heat and the heat vapour rises to heat an adjacent antifreeze solution that is fed through a series of pipes in the water tank so that the heat can be transferred to the water. From there the water will be distributed for heat or hot water purposes. Typically, the cost of a commercial solar heating system starts from around £4500 although exact costs can only be confirmed after a professional visit and assessment.

Factors Influencing Price

The price of a commercial solar heating system will largely depend on installation specific issues such as how far from the thermal module the water tank will be located. The further the water tank is away from the evacuated tubes then the more ductwork, piping, labour and time is required which will affect the overall cost of the system. In addition, some commercial roof areas require that a safe working environment is set-up prior to installation commencing which also comes with a cost. There will be the same components in a commercial solar heating system as a residential one and the only difference will be in the durability of certain components which will drive the cost of a commercial system higher than a residential system.

Benefits of Solar Heating

Even in cloudy or cold weather evacuated tubes can collect heat from the sun and heat water to around 50 degrees. At these times the normal heating system within the building can heat it further if required. The Renewable Heat Incentive for commercial solar heating will pay commercial ventures 8.5p per kWh of electricity produced by solar thermal systems for a period of 20 years. Solar hot water systems will rarely replace conventional water heating systems but rather compliment and quite possibly dominate 70% of heat generation. There is less of a possibility of wasting power by leaving hot water tanks on and forgetting them which can be very expensive.

Commercial Solar Heating System Suppliers

Effectively comparing solar heating system suppliers in the UK is the key to finding a competitively priced commercial heating solution. There are so many commercial solar heating suppliers/installers in the UK but finding the right one able to project manage the whole design, supply and installation can be a little more tricky. Using a reputable solar heating review and comparison website can save time and potentially save a lot of money by cutting down the learning curve involved in understanding the related technologies. These sites offer free resources for comparing the top commercial solar heating experts in the UK and can also provide invaluable information on the various brands of solar products there are on the market.

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