Solar Tracker Installers

What Is A Solar Tracker?

A solar tracker works to align your solar panels so that they are in the best position to fully utilize the sunlight thus making your solar panels a great deal more productive and efficient. The tracker will find the best position and the solar panels will move accordingly to gain the most benefit. Solar trackers are fixed onto a particular axis which can include either a vertical axis orientation or a horizontal axis orientation and which axis is most suited to your requirements will usually depend on your particular location.

How Does A Solar Tracker Work?

A solar tracker is quite an ingeniously simple piece of engineering. It is filled with a special liquid which will reach boiling point at a particularly low temperature. The boiling of the liquid causes the liquid to move which, in turn, causes the tracker to move. This then activates a system of gears and motors which move the panels into the most beneficial position. Solar trackers can work out to be quite expensive depending on which particular model you are buying and, when purchasing a product that is intended to help reduce costs and make savings i.e. solar panels, then it can seem a bit of a step backwards. But, if a solar tracker is installed correctly and does it's job well then, you could easily see a large increase in your productivity and, over time, recuperate your initial outlay.

Solar Tracker Installation

Although solar tracking is a relatively new concept and perhaps not yet that widely used there are some reputable companies that can provide and install them when installing your solar panels. But it is always advisable to ensure that both the company you are using and their installation team are fully MCS accredited otherwise you have no come back should your panels or tracker not be fitted or work correctly and you also will not be entitled to use the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

The Benefits Of Having A Solar Tracker Installed

There are actually many benefits to having a solar tracker installed and, like the solar panels themselves, they are virtually maintenance free and come with a 10 year warranty. The tracker system is really simple to install and you could well see up to 45% more electricity production as well as a noticeable and rather pleasing increase in your Feed-in Tariff payments. The solar trackers are available in various sizes with varying price ranges allowing you to choose the one that best suits all your requirements. It makes sense that if your solar panels can follow the sun to gain optimum contact as it moves across the sky then you will gain the optimum in energy production.

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