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Free Solar Panels

Homesun is offering homeowners a chance to benefit from solar power and cut a possible third off their electricity bills. They do this by installing solar panels free of charge on selected roofs and continue to maintain the whole system, also free of charge, for 25 years.

Benefitting From The Feed In Tariff Scheme

Solar panel systems cost thousands to install, so how is Homesun able to make an offer like this? In April 2010, the government introduced a scheme whereby local energy providers were expected, by law, to pay for any renewable power generated by homes providing they met the criteria.

This scheme is called the Feed In Tariff (FIT) and under these new regulations a typical UK home is able to generate an income and make savings that could amount to an average of £700 per year. The drawback is that although the system would pay for itself in time, the homeowner has to find the £5,000 plus that the solar system would cost in order to benefit from the scheme.

Why Would Homesun Install Solar Panels Free Of Charge?

There are three parts to the FIT scheme. The first is the generation tariff which allows the solar system owner to receive a set amount of money for every unit of electricity produced by the system, whether it's used in the home or not. The second part is to receive a further income for every unit of electricity exported to the grid and the third is the big savings that will be made on the household's electricity bills.

With the tariff guaranteed for 20 years and electricity bills set to increase rapidly, this is a very attractive proposition, offering an expected return on investment of around 8-9%. Homesun would provide and install the solar system for the homeowner and be responsible for ensuring the system's upkeep and any maintenance costs.

The homeowner would benefit from the savings on their electricity bill while Homesun would receive the generation and export tariff payments.


Before a homeowner will be approved for the Homesun Free Solar Panel deal their home has to be eligible. For instance, the roof on which the panels will be attached should be due south facing with at least 20m2 of unshaded area. Homesun also advise that the further south of Hull and west of the country the home is located the better, providing it's more than 500 metres from the sea.

They state that flat roofs and listed buildings will not be considered and properties in conservation areas could be a problem.

Homesun's Solar Share Program

Even if the house in question doesn't meet every requirement, it's worth enquiring, as it's really about how much electricity can be produced by the panels and that's dependant on a lot of factors and how well they work together.

If the property's roof is deemed to be less than perfect, a one-off fee of £500 may be requested from the homeowner in line with Homesun's Solar Share program. This enables the homeowner to have a system of up to 4kWp installed and they will still get reduced electricity bills and free maintenance for the 25 year period.

Homesun are offering free solar panels for homes that meet their criteria, allowing the homeowner to benefit by possibly cutting their electricity bills by a third

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