130 Watt Polycrystalline Sharp Solar Panel Module

A Multi-Purpose Module

The Sharp 130 watt polycrystalline solar panel has been designed with far more applications in mind than just home use. This off-grid module satisfies a variety of electrical power requirements from boats, RVs, cabins, solar power stations, beacons and pumps to lighting equipment, back up requirements and remote power use, making it a truly multi-purpose module.

Mechanical Specifications

This 130 watt module uses 156 mm square polycrystalline silicon solar cells which have a 13.1% conversion efficiency rating. Module dimensions are 662 x 1499 x 46 mm (26.1 x 59.0 x 1.8 inches) and it weighs 14.0 kg (30.86 lbs).

It has 36 cells in a series (4 x 9), Nominal 12 VDC output for battery charging and a junction box output terminal for easy electrical connections in the field. Front tempered glass, EVA encapsulation and a rigid anodised aluminium frame completes the module?s ability to withstand tough weather conditions over a long period of time.

Other Performance Enhancing Features

The Sharp 130 watt polycrystalline solar panel has a power tolerance of +10/-5% and a nominal voltage of 21.9 volts. An advanced surface texturing process has been introduced to the cells at production stage. The roughened texture produced enhances the solar cell's ability to re-direct reflected light to other areas of the surface, allowing the same light to be re-absorbed.

As solar power is dependent on the amount of reflected light that can be produced, efficiency is increased. The inclusion of bypass diodes minimise the loss of power that can be experienced during low light conditions like early morning, evening and cloudy days and also prevents 'hot spots' occurring that would otherwise damage the cells.

High Efficiency With Good Looks

Aesthetically, this black module with its concealed hardware and attenuated covers has a cleaner and more refined appearance that will blend in well with most roof types and locations. The advanced texturing technique that improves light absorption also gives the module a slightly more subdued appearance, combining good looks with high efficiency.

Durability From A Long-Standing Name In Solar Products

Fifty years of research and development into ground-breaking technology has made Sharp an industry leader with a strong reputation for powering more homes and businesses globally than any other solar manufacturer. Their modules are manufactured in facilities that are ISO 90001 and ISO 14001 certified and their130 Watt polycrystalline solar panel comes with a 25 year limited warranty.

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