Triple Glazing Guide And Costs

Triple glazing will reduce your energy bills whilst making your home warmer, safer and quieter.

The average cost for a 2 bedroom home is around £2,000. To install triple glazing in a 4 bedroom house with 15 windows you can expect to pay around £6,000 - 7,000.

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Triple Glazed Windows

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Triple glazing works by securing three panes of glass within a sealed frame. Between the three panes of glass are very small gaps which are filled with either air or a heat insulating gas, such as Argon.

As glass conducts heat fairly well, heat easily escapes from your house, through the glass of your windows. Double and triple glazed windows aim to reduce this heat loss with extra layers of glass and, especially, layers of air/gas in between making it a lot harder for heat to escape.

Triple glazing is most popular in Scandinavian countries due to their cold winters, and though double glazing is currently still the most popular in the UK some homeowners are starting to wonder whether triple glazing could be the best option for them too.

In the cold winter months losing heat from your home is inconvenient and costly. Triple glazing can help to combat this.

How Much does Triple Glazing Cost?

Triple glazing is generally more expensive than double glazing. It is impossible to say exactly how much triple glazing will cost you as an individual home assessment is needed before an accurate quote can be made. However, in order to give you an idea of the price difference, a double glazed window costing £350 may cost around £490 for exactly the same style in triple glazing.

Triple glazing costs vary dramatically based on style, quality and size. Using an estimate of £485 for average sized, upvc, casement style triple glazed windows, this table can begin to show you how much triple glazing your property will cost.

Property Type
Number of Bedrooms
Number of Windows
Average Cost
2 bedrooms
4 windows
2 bedrooms
5 windows
2 bedrooms
7 windows
3 bedrooms
9 windows
3 bedrooms
12 Windows
4 bedrooms
15 windows

Note that these prices are for replacement windows only. Most window companies can also replace doors in order to fully insulate your property. Standard upvc doors can cost around £500. More sturdy and secure composite doors can range vastly in price but usually start over £900.

Triple Glazing Cost vs Double Glazing Cost

To give you an idea of the costs of triple glazing compared to double glazing we have created this handy table below.

The prices in this table are based on materials only, without installation. Installation costs vary between companies.

Size (mm)
Double glazing cost
Triple glazing cost
White upvc
1660 x 992
White upvc
1880 x 1061
White upvc
2050 x 1133
Woodgrain upvc
1660 x 992
Woodgrain upvc
1880 x 1061
Woodgrain upvc
2050 x 1133

These figures are estimates based on supply only, on a quadruple style, A rated window with two larger units and two smaller units.

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Compare Double And Triple Glazing Prices In Your Area

Is Triple Glazing Worth It?

If you live in a well-insulated house, triple glazing could be a good option for you, making your home warmer, safer and even more energy efficient.

If you live in a noisy neighbourhood, triple glazed windows will help make your home quieter too.

However, triple glazing only makes sense as a financial investment if you are replacing single glazing or old double glazing.

The image below shows a thermographic survey comparing old double glazing and new triple glazing. It shows triple glazing to be much more energy efficient with less heat loss.

Triple Glazing Comparison Against Double Glazing

If you already have modern double glazing installed throughout your house then triple glazing may not be the best investment. In this instance adding secondary glazing or thicker curtains may be a more financially viable way to reduce heat loss in your home.

Though triple glazing may make your home feel slightly warmer, particularly around the window areas, new double glazing offers very similar energy bill savings as triple glazing. If money is no issue or you are looking to completely maximise your energy efficiency for environmental reasons triple glazing is preferable, however if double glazing is more within your financial means it is also very effective.

How Much will You Save?

Fully renovating all windows in your house from single glazing to triple glazing could save a lot of money on your energy bills. A well insulated, detached house could save over £175 by replacing single glazed windows with triple glazing. This could work out to around a 50% saving on annual energy bills.

However, the energy bill savings made by replacing modern double glazing with triple glazing are minimal and arguably not worth the cost at all.

The table below typical savings for installing triple glazing in a single glazed, gas-heated house:

Energy rating
Semi Detached
Mid terrace
A rated
£135 - £175
£85 - £125
£75 - £100
A+ rated
£130 - £170
£85 - £120
£70 - £95
A++ rated
£120 - £160
£80 - £110
£65 - £90

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Triple Glazing vs Double Glazing

If you already have good quality double glazing then there is no reason to switch to triple glazing. You will see minimal benefits and never regain your investment money.

If you live in a well insulated, energy efficient house and are considering upgrading your windows from single glazing, or dated double glazing, then you could consider triple glazing.

We recommend also considering high-efficiency double glazing. Most leading window manufacturers offer high-efficiency double glazing. The table below shows the companies offering A+ rated uPVC double glazing. These windows offer similar energy efficiency to uPVC triple glazed windows.

Window company
Window name
Energy efficiency
A and B Glass
A and B Glass
Royal Ovolo
Woodgrain Fully Reinforced
Bevelled Slim Sash

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How Much does Triple Glazing Reduce Noise?

The extra layer of glass and extra argon filled chamber provided by triple glazing will improve your home’s sound insulation. This helps reduce the amount of external noise entering your home.

Triple glazing is worth considering if you live in a noisy neighbourhood, such as near a main road or an airport.

For residents living in quieter areas, the sound insulation provided by double glazing should be satisfactory.

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Which Companies Offer the Best Triple Glazing?

The companies shown in the table offer triple glazed windows that are endorsed by The Energy Saving Trust (EST) for their energy efficiency. These products are considered the best triple glazed windows available in the UK:

Type of company
No. of triple glazed windows endorsed by EST
Energy rating range
Name of leading product
Manufacturer only
A - A+
CMS Triple Glazed Enviro Reversible
Manufacturer & installer
A - A++
Anglian Triple PVCU
Tradesmith Ltd
Manufacturer only
Bevelled Triple Glazed
Manufacturer & installer
Everest Triple Glazed Casement
Manufacturer & installer
Zenith Eco Triple Casement Window

When choosing a window installer, we recommend only working with an installer who is certified by FENSA or The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF).

What are the Pros and Cons?


  • Can reduce heat loss in your house which can lower your energy bills
  • More efficient at heat retention then double glazing
  • Less prone to condensation build up between the panes then double glazing
  • Provides house with an extra layer of security
  • Can further reduce noise pollution from outside
  • Make house feel warmer, especially window seats


  • Expensive up front costs
  • May reduce light penetration, allowing less light into the room
  • Can be very heavy, potentially damaging to wall
  • Condensation can appear on the outer layer of glass
  • Longer return on investment due to high initial costs

What Material and Styles can I Get?

Triple glazing is available in a range of material and styles. The triple glazed windows endorsed by The Energy Saving Trust are all uPVC.

However there are companies who offer timber and aluminium triple glazed windows. Chase Window Company and Velfac offer timber products and Velfac also manufacture aluminium triple glazing. Some companies also offer tripled glazed patio doors.

Triple Glazed Sash Windows

There are some window companies who offer triple glazed sash windows. One of the leading products is manufactured by Chase Window Company. Their triple glazed window is designed to replicate the traditional English timber sash window.

Secondary glazing might be a better alternative if you have sash windows. Most homeowners with existing sash windows opt for this option. Secondary glazing is cheaper than triple glazing and is more likely to be approved for listed properties.

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Compare Double And Triple Glazing Prices In Your Area

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