Solar Tracker Costs

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What is a Solar Tracking System?

A solar tracking system at it?s basic positions a solar panel or reflects a solar lens towards the sun. A high level of accuracy and precision is required for this device. Typically tracking of the sun can be done on a single or dual axis system. Single tracking systems allow the solar panels to turn around the centre axis. A dual axis system position a mirror to redirect sunlight to a stationary receiver. Solar panels need to be efficient. A tracking base that captures the sun can improve efficiency by 20-60% depending on location. You can potentially earn more money through the Feed-in Tariff and pay off your investment quicker. Solar tracker prices will vary based on the number of solar pv panels that are fitted determining the size of the system The trackers are easy to install and require low levels of maintainance. The solar tracker anti shadowing software is also extremely useful.

The Dual Axis Tracker price

The dual axis tracking system is complex in structure. According to the manufacturers the system features include an "anemometer, temperature sensor, photoelectric sensors, light intensity sensors, rotary encoder, signal processing circuit (comparators, amplifiers and ADCs), MCU/DSC, isolator, motor drivers and motors, RS485/CAN, human machine interface (keypad and LCD display), power management, RTC". The dual axis system costs in the region of £2642.00 excluding VAT.

The Single Axis System including price

The price of a single axis tracker system will vary according to manufacturer. The size of the solar panel installation will determine the type of tracker required and the price paid. When buying the tracker the accurate dimensions for the solar panel is required. For an installation based on 15 panels dimensions 0,99 m x 1,95 m and weight of 30 kg max each, to cover 25 meters square of solar space costs around £2428,00 excluding VAT .This system is suitable for residential properties.

The Solar Tracker

The solar tracker system might be preferred when compared with a ground mounted solar PV array as it is a space saving solution. The tracker system is simple to install and can increase your energy yield by 45 per cent, increasing your financial return via the Feed-in Tariff. The consumer of the tracking system will find they will gain from installing a tracker in the summer months compared to the winter. The tracker system has had reliability problems in the past, it has to be developed to be consistent. If the tracker stops working the stationary array will still function.

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