The 17 Best Environmental Blogs in 2020

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The 17 Best Environmental Blogs in 2020

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Depending on your current lifestyle, adopting more eco-friendly habits could be as simple as making a few straightforward swaps, or could mean starting over from scratch. Whatever the scale of the task that lies ahead, you can be reassured that there is an ever-growing vanguard of environmental bloggers out there to help you embark on your sustainable journey. 

In this article, we’ll evaluate the best environmental blogs out there, and find out how they can help you become greener in your everyday life.

The best sustainability blogs

1. Ethical Hour

Ethical Hour has four main goals: to connect ethically-minded people, help ethical businesses build their skills, encourage smarter shopping, and create a global network for positive change. 

This sustainable blog will teach you the basics about which materials to steer clear from, and demonstrate the small swaps which are worth giving a go. As further motivation, the blog also keeps visitors informed of the latest environmental issues the planet is facing.

Best features

  • The Ethical Hour has its own podcast – handy for when you’re on-the-go
  • The blog is beautifully presented, making it really easy to read
  • The content is up to date and informative 

2. Moral Fibres

Author Wendy Graham set up Moral Fibres in 2013 to prove how living a greener life can be easy, affordable, and stylish. This helpful website offers top tips for sustainability, covering topics such as food and drink, home and garden, families, travel, and general lifestyle. 

Best features

  • Each article is backed up by authoritative research
  • The content covers a broad range of ways to be sustainable
  • The website is sleek, with lots of white space

3. Curiously conscious

Since 2013, Curiously Conscious has stayed true to its ethos: look for the good things in life. Whether it’s good for the earth, good for others, or good for yourself – it all makes a difference. 

The blog focuses primarily on sustainable options for the home, beauty, fashion, and travel. Besma, the author of the blog, has a keen eye for sustainable fashion trends and comes up with fun ways to cut down on plastic. 

Best features

  • The blog covers a wide range of ways to be sustainable 
  • The Shopping section allows you to scroll through sustainable style ideas and ethical brands
  • The Travel section covers tips for specific countries (including the UK)

4. EcoCult 

EcoCult defines itself as a “curious, thoughtful, science-based view into the international sustainable fashion industry.

Each sub-section digs deep into research on sustainable living. For example, you can enjoy reading about which eco-friendly socks will keep you warm, or even where to shop sustainably in Vietnam. There are no limits here.

Best features

  • The Shop Sustainable section is updated weekly with ethical brands 
  • A newsletter is available either for news on New York only, or the rest of the world
  • There’s a whole section dedicated to sustainable weddings 

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The best vegan blogs

5. Oh She Glows

If you’re considering converting to veganism, this food blog will set you up with a long list of treats to enjoy.

Oh She Glows features hundreds of tasty recipes, all vegan, and all highly rated by satisfied readers. As well as healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, you can learn how to make delicious desserts and sumptuous sides. You’ll be cooking up a storm in no time.

Sound tempting? Wait until you check out the “obsession-worthy peanut butter cookie ice cream”…

Best features

  • The blog’s self-titled recipe book won the New York Times Bestseller Award in 2014
  • Most recipes also take allergies into account
  • You have hundreds of recipes to choose from. Go crazy!

6. Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen

Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen doesn’t focus solely on vegan food – instead, it works by simply helping people live a healthy lifestyle. You can look forward to discovering healthy, clean, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan recipes – all of which are super easy to make. 

Best features

  • Some recipes also come with a video to help you visualise the cooking process
  • A section of the website is dedicated to readers’ home-bakes of the recipes
  • Each dietary need is split into a sub-section, making the site much easier to navigate

7. Romy London

Since the launch of Romy London back in 2015, the blog’s enticing articles have acquired a massive 16,100 followers! 

The quirky blog focuses on making healthy food less challenging, and making meals more sustainable. Romy even reviews the vegan-friendliness of places around the world – for example, we were not expecting Thorpe Park to cater so much to vegans! 

Best features

  • The blog has a recommendations section for vegan events, products, and restaurants
  • There are plenty of recipe options for different diets 
  • Romy has recently featured on the TV show Crazy Delicious, so you can be sure you’re getting the real deal 

8. Lowly

We’ve saved the best for last. Hugo, the creator of Lowly, set up the blog to enable everyone to eat healthily and save the planet at the same time. 

The most impressive aspect of Lowly is its breakdown of CO2 emissions for each recipe. Under the list of ingredients, you’ll be able to see the amount of CO2 emissions that each product has created. The more you know… 

Most recently, Lowly has added a home delivery business to the blog. You can look forward to receiving fresh food in sustainable packaging – all delivered by bicycle! 

Best features

  • A CO2 breakdown to accompany each recipe
  • Delivery service for home-grown ingredients (all in 100% recyclable packaging), delivered by bicycle 
  • A long list of recipes to choose from

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The best environmental blogs

9. The Rainforest Alliance 

The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organisation working with businesses, agriculture, and forests to “make responsible businesses the new normal”. 

This ethical blog focuses mainly on the work that the organisation is doing, but also offers people and businesses helpful tips on how to be sustainable. 

Best features

  • If you’re interested in conservation projects, these articles are super informative
  • Information to help businesses, rather than just individuals
  • Lots of information about wildlife – and what the organisation is doing to protect it

10. The Earthbound Report

The Earthbound Report essentially reports on the scientific environmental challenges the world is facing – some more hopeful than others.

A lot of the content looks into how different animal species are affected by climate change. You can scroll through book reviews on current climate issues, as well as reports on how countries are progressing in terms of green milestones.

Best features

  • In-depth articles on every aspect of how to help the environment
  • Each article is backed up with scholarly research
  • A weekly update on ‘what we learned this week’

11. BBC Earth Blog

We’ve all heard of the BBC, but a lot of people aren’t familiar with the BBC Earth Blog. And if you just can’t get enough wildlife, you’ll adore it. 

You can expect article upon article about different species of plants and animals, the assorted impacts of climate change, and even which animal Sir David Attenborough would like to be. What else could you possibly want? 

Best features

  • Since the BBC is an authoritative broadcasting company, you’ll get insight from the experts
  • ‘Life through the lens’ section has a collection of photography for wildlife fanatics
  • Interviews with researchers in the industry, including the one and only David Attenborough

environment blog

General eco blogs

Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger was created for anyone with a passion for green living. Following this blog will keep you up to date with environmental news spanning design, lifestyle, science, technology, transport, business, and energy.

The broadness of the blog means that you can learn about all angles of eco-friendly life, from new developments in fuel efficiency to which brands to steer clear of. 

Best features

  • Categories to match everyone’s interests
  • You can sign up to daily or weekly newsletters
  • The ‘most popular right now’ feature lets you keep up with environmental trends

13. Mother Nature Network (MNN)

A large chunk of the Mother Nature Network is dedicated to encouraging sustainable living.

The ‘Earth Matters’ sub-category discusses the latest news on animal welfare, explains how countries are being affected by climate change, and shares information on which areas need the most help. 

Best features

  • Comprehensive sub-categories to suit everyone’s taste
  • If you’re ever unsure on a definition, the MNN’s Eco Glossary has you covered
  • Monthly newsletters help you stay up to date on the latest nature news

14. Grist

Grist is an independent, non-profit media organisation working towards “a planet that doesn’t burn, and a future that doesn’t suck.”

Expect to find some climate-heavy content, with most articles discussing the impacts of climate change. You can also dive head-first into masses of scientific research on how we can tackle global warming, as well as how politics is changing because of it. 

Perhaps their best (and most hopeful) article is the Grist 50: 2019. This positive article focuses on the 50 things you can feel hopeful about the future – and in today’s climate, we sometimes need any glimmer of hope we can get. 

Best features

  • The Grist Fellowship – helping more people get involved and spread the word
  • Their Fix section is dedicated to solutions to climate change
  • There are five different newsletters you can sign up to

15. The Environmental Blog

This eco-friendly blog focuses on the beauty of nature, and how we can all do our bit to protect it. By keeping up to date with The Environmental Blog, you can educate yourself on today’s most important subject: how to become more eco-friendly.

As well as keeping up to date with the world’s climate crisis, The Environmental Blog also provides tips on how to shop ethically, reduce plastic, increase renewable energy, and much more. 

Best features

  • Its Green Tips section provides lots of helpful information to help you become more eco-friendly in everyday life
  • The website is nice and clean, making it easy to digest
  • The blog covers a wide range of environmental subjects

16. The Girl Gone Green

The Girl Gone Green is a platform to educate and raise awareness of eco-issues and solutions. 

What started off as a written blog has now shifted more towards social media coverage and videos on YouTube. But fear not – the content is more helpful than ever! 

Keeping its videos short and sweet, this blog educates people on how to become sustainable, as well as updating you on ecological changes happening around the world. 

The author, Manuela Barón, has even done a TED Talk on how to live without waste.

Best features

  • Its content is more accessible than ever, featuring on the blog, social media, and YouTube
  • The blog’s art section promotes the effects of waste by combining rubbish with fashion
  • There is a keen focus on self-care throughout the blog

17. Yale Environment 360

This one’s for the scholars. Yale Environment 360 is an online magazine offering opinion, analysis, reporting, and debate on global environmental issues. 

Look out for original articles by scientists, journalists, environmentalists, academics, policy makers, and business people. There is also a ‘daily digest’ summary of major environmental news.

Best features

  • Articles are categorised by topic, region, or author
  • Articles are all extremely informative and well-researched
  • The website is very sleek and easy to read



So, with all of these blogs available to help you in your quest to become kinder on the planet, what’s stopping you? Whether you’d like to try out veganism, ditch fast fashion, or cut back on plastic, it’s never been easier to be ethical.

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Beth is keen to use her writing skills and passion for green living to help the environment. Whether you’re after a new boiler, a new set of solar panels, or even if you want to catch up on the latest eco news, she’s got your back.