MCS Solar Installers for PV Panels

Solar Panels; An Increasingly Familiar Sight on the Roofs of Britain

Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels have become a viable energy source in recent years. People are attracted to them for several reasons including environmental and financial factors. Solar panels create renewable energy as they use the energy found in natural daylight and convert it to electricity. The UK government is keen for more people to use this energy to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and to try to meet their own green targets. As a result, under the Feed-In Tariff Scheme, the government offer financial rewards for businesses and residents who install solar panels. This is all very well but as solar panels are a relatively new technology many question their - and more importantly, their installers - reliability. The term MCS approved is thrown around, but many may not understand what this means. In this article we will look in more detail at MCS approved solar panels.

So what Does MCS Approved Mean?

MCS is an abbreviation of the microgeneration certification scheme. Microgeneration, in this case, refers to renewable energy which is created by small companies or individual residents. So, for our purposes, solar energy is classed as microgeneration.

The MCS is an independent board which scores the products used to create renewable energy, i.e. the solar panel, against a certain set of criteria. If all the qualities and criteria are met, then the solar panels are awarded with MCS status. So in short, MCS approved PV solar panel installers are companies which use approved solar panels in their work.

Is it Worth using a MCS Approved Installer?

In short, yes. As the scheme is independent, there is no bias towards any company and, therefore, only the companies who are actually capable of providing quality PV solar panels will be awarded the MCS stamp of approval. It not only acts as reassurance for the customer, but also provides the company an opportunity to prove its credibility. PV solar panel installation is a new technology so many customers may not have used a solar panel installer before, or even had one recommended to them. The MCS will attract customers to a business in such cases.

How do I Find Out if a Company is MCS Approved?

MCS has its own website which lists registered MCS approved companies. It allows a visitor to search for approved installers by company name or locality. The website also has a function allowing companies wishing to apply for the MCS to do so. MCS approved companies are also invited to register their details on this online database.

Any individual or business wishing to purchase PV solar panels should contact a MCS approved installer. They will have the reassurance that the company will use industry approved equipment and materials. The MCS approval is also a reflection on the installer as they have taken steps to meet, and apply for, the scheme. As PV solar panels are a new, growing technology it is important to use the best available company to install them. Using a MCS approved company is a large step towards this goal.

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