Smart Home


98% of people who own a smart device are satisfied with their experience

A smart home could save you hundreds of £ every year

Smart devices include everything from hoovers to light bulbs

A smart home system is a private network of devices you can control remotely from a central hub or smart device.

It can contain any number of smart items, can take care of anything from your laundry to home security, and could even reduce your energy bills.

If you want to see how much time and cash you could save while cooking up delicious meals, check out our guide to smart kitchen appliances.

We’ve also got you covered for the best and brightest in smart light bulbs, and the most secure and technologically advanced smart locks around.

Did You Know?

42% of people in the UK own a smart TV.

You can find out who’s wiping the floor (clean) with their competition in our article about vacuum cleaners, and get a high-definition look at which video doorbells are out of sight.

Want to keep an eye on who’s outside your home? Check out our guide to the best smart cameras.

If you’re going to end up with the smart home of your dreams, you’ve got to be smart about it – which means you’re in the right place.

So kick back and have a look through our expertly researched articles, all of which can make your life better in whatever ways are most important to you. The future is here, and it’s customisable.

Josh Jackman Writer

Josh is The Eco Experts’ main man for home security, smart devices, and boilers. If it can make your life better and help the environment, he’s on it.