Safestyle Windows Prices & Review

Safestyle is one of the UK’s leading window installers with a strong reputation for customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for new windows, we recommend making Safestyle one of the installers you request quotes from.

We investigate how much you should expect to pay for your windows and what Safestyle’s customers think about them.

Safestyle Double Glazing Prices

How Much Are Safestyle Windows?

The price you will pay for your Safestyle windows depends on the survey they perform before giving you a detailed quote.

Costs are dependant on a number of factors including location, ease of access to your windows, number of windows, material and style.

Safestyle is widely considered to be one of the best installers for value for money. When we accompanied a homeowner looking for new windows, Safestyle provided the cheapest quote.

In the table below we have detailed the quote the homeowner we accompanied received from Safestyle for 8 windows at a three storey home:

Material quality
Number of windows
Average size of windows
Energy efficiency
Quoted cash price
Virgin uPVC

The quoted price included the cost of scaffolding for a three storey home. Cheaper options are available from Safestyle and the price you pay will be dependent on your circumstances.

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Do Safestyle Offer Finance Deals?

Safestyle offer a number of finance deals through Barclays Partner Finance.

Arguably the most attractive offer is their 24 months interest free credit deal where you can pay for your windows over 24 months interest free.

They also offer a ‘buy now pay later’ deal where you can delay making repayments for a year.

Other finance options include a 36, 60 or 120 month repayment plan with 7.9% APR.

How Do You Get Safestyle’s Best Prices?

Safestyle offer a ‘lowest price guarantee’ where they will match any like for like quote.

To ensure you are getting the best price, we recommend comparing a number of quotes, ensuring that all quotes compare the same products, design and quality. If any are cheaper than Safestyle then you can ask them to match it.

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Safestyle Window Review

How Good Are Their Windows?

Safestyle offer a comprehensive range of uPVC windows and doors. Unlike many smaller installers, they use virgin uPVC which means their windows will age far better than windows made from recycled uPVC.

Safestyle have some of the most energy efficient uPVC windows on the market, with Energy Saving Trust recommending their double glazed windows. Their windows are also among the most secure available in the UK.

For more traditional homes, Safestyle have a Heritage range offering more traditional looking uPVC.

The table below shows the 2 Safestyle windows endorsed by The Energy Saving Trust for their energy efficiency.

Window Name
Energy Rating
Safestyle UK A Rated Eco Diamond Window
Double glazing
Safestyle UK A Rated Sliding Sash Window Window
Double glazing

What Do Safestyle's Customers Think of Their Windows?

Feedback from Safestyle’s customers is very good. We have heard many good things from our customers who have had their windows installed by Safestyle.

This is supported by other sources too. As you can see below, Safestyle score 8.9 out of 10 on Trust Pilot and 4.4 out of 5 on Review Centre.

Review Source
Trust Pilot
June 2016
Review Centre
June 2016
March 2016

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The Eco Expert’s View

Safestyle are one of our recommended installers. They offer industry leading windows and doors which are recommended by The Energy Saving Trust.

Feedback on their quality of products, installation, value for money and customer service is good.

As a member of FENSA and GGF, you also get added protection if any issues do arise (read more about this below).

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When Are Safestyle’s Sales?

Safestyle Window Reviews and Prices

Safestyle, like all the big national window installers, have promotions running all year round.

Currently Safestyle is offering 55% off windows and doors. When getting a quote from Safestyle it is worth asking if there are any planned changes to their sale.

What Accreditation Does Safestyle Have?

Safestyle is a member of both the Glass & Glazing Foundation (“GGF”) and FENSA (“Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme”).

These are the two leading double glazing trade associations. They provide greater protection for consumers as they ensure installers comply with certain standards and regulations.

These associations also provide a free conciliation service for any cases where customers and Safestyle do not see eye to eye over work carried out. From the feedback we have received, it is very rare that customers require the free conciliation service.

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Safestyle vs. Other Window Installers

The other big national window installers are Everest, Zenith, Anglian and Crystall.

Safestyle compare well to these installers, but it always worth getting a quote from at least 3 or 4 installers to ensure you get the best price and the installer you feel most comfortable with.

We also recommend comparing against local installers who have a good reputation locally. When considering local installers, it is important to only opt for companies registered with the GGF or FENSA schemes and who have a proven track record.

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Safestyle’s Warranty

Safestyle offer a 10 year warranty on all their windows and doors. As one of the biggest installers in the UK, it is much more likely that they will still be around in 10 years to fulfil this warranty than many of the smaller installers in the UK.

This 10 year warranty is also transferable. This means that if you sell your new home, the new owners can carry on with the length of the warranty.

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