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Roof windows

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Roof windows are an effective way to get air and light into converted attic rooms as well as making the most of roof-top views. Sometimes referred to as skylights, roof windows come in many styles and opening types to suit different homes.

Some windows are operated manually with centre-pivoted openings or hung from the top to give a feeling that you are outdoors.

It is also possible to get electric and solar powered roof windows, these are managed by remote controls and are also fitted with sensors that can either open when the temperature is warm or close when they sense rainfall and cooler air.

Flat roof windows

As the name suggests, flat roof windows are different to typical pitched roof windows in that they are fitted flat onto roof space. They are a great way to bring natural light into the room. Flat roof windows can be fixed, in rooms that just require light, or with the ability to open and offer ventilation.

Flat roof windows that provide ventilation are available with electric motors that open via a control pad or you can set the automatic sensors depending on the weather and temperature. For particularly bright days, they can also be fitted with blinds which again can be operated electronically.

How much do roof windows cost?

The cost of roof windows will vary depending on the size, whether they are double or triple glazed. There is also a difference in price between roof windows which are operated manually and those that open and close via electronic controls.

The table below shows typical costs for manually operated roof windows:

Size of roof window
Average cost of a manually operated double glazed roof window
Average cost of a manually operated triple glazed roof window
550mm x 780mm
£220 - £245
550mm x 980mm
780mm x 980mm
660mm x 1180mm

The table below shows typical costs for electric Velux roof windows:

Size of roof window
Average cost of an electric double glazed roof window
Average cost of an electric triple glazed roof window
550mm x 780mm
550mm x 980mm
780mm x 980mm
660mm x 1180mm

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Should I opt for uPVC, aluminium or wooden roof windows?

The majority of homeowners opt for uPVC as it is the most cost effective whilst also delivering good results although wooden and aluminium roof windows are also available.

uPVC (or PVCu) is typically cheaper than aluminium or wooden windows. They require very little maintenance, are easy to keep clean and are energy efficient.

A disadvantage of these windows is that uPVC is a weaker material and therefore require slightly thicker frames to hold the glass pane in place.

Aluminium windows boast many advantages, particularly in their style and design. They are preferred by architects designing modern homes given their slim frames, access to light and flexibility in colour choice.

Aluminium windows have some disadvantages compared to uPVC or timber windows when it comes to insulation and are prone to condensation or frost appearing inside the windows in cold temperatures.

Wooden windows are popular due to their more traditional and classic look. They are a good choice for period properties as they reflect the older style of historic design. Wood is also an effective natural insulator, keeping the warmth in during winter.

Wood is typically the most expensive material choice and also requires more maintenance than aluminum and uPVC over its lifetime.

Types of roof windows

There are a number of different roof window types to suit all homes. Roof windows can differ in the way they open and are available with centre pivot openings, top hung roof windows which open outward and suit low pitched roofs.

Roof windows are also aesthetically different and can be made out of different materials such as uPVC, timber and aluminium. Windows can be manually or electronically operated and fitted with blinds.

Pitched roofs can also have a combination of roof windows, not just single installations to let in even more air and light. Flat roof windows are available in a dome shape and with clear or frosted glass.

It’s a good idea to check out the window types of a few companies and seek their opinion on the best style for your roof.

Leading roof window companies

Velux roof windows

Velux specialise in roof windows and have been in operation for seventy years. They create a range of both manual and electric roof windows for flat and pitched roofs. They also sell a range of blinds to suit different window types. Quotes and advice can be arranged through their website via their network of certified installers. Learn more


Keylite Roof Windows is a UK and Ireland roof window manufacturer that also sell blinds, timber loft ladders, flashings, electric operation kits and accessories. Their selling point is the thermal collar that come fitted with their windows as standard to insulate the gap that is common with roof window installations. Learn more


Sunlux is an online roof window supplier that sells well-known brands at cheaper prices. They stock roof windows from brands like Fakro, Velux, Keylite and others. This company will only sell and deliver your new windows and do not offer installation. Learn more

LB Supplies

LB Supplies have been in operation for over thirty years as suppliers of roof windows,blinds, roof domes, skylights, conservatory roof accessories and glazing products. They are associated with VKR, a large European manufacturer of roof windows and sell brands including Velux and Aurora.Learn more

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Blinds for roof windows

Just like roof windows, blinds can come in different styles, sizes and means of opening and the style you choose will need to suit your roof window type. Styles available include black out blinds, different colours, thickness and those that can be operated either manually or electronically.

Electric blinds can be set to open and close depending on the time of day and brightness. Integral blinds are also available. This is a blind permanently enclosed between the panes of glass to protect against moisture, dust and damage.

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