The Best Home Security Systems in 2020

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Verisure is the best home security system

Arlo Ultra is the second-best option

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We all know how crucial it is to protect your home. To do this, you need to take steps to deter thieves in the first place, and steps to catch and stop them in the act if they do break in.

But this is no easy feat. According to the government-run Crime Survey for England and Wales in March 2019, three out of five burglaries are successful, and each one costs the average victim more than £3,000.

And the likelihood of bringing the criminals who took your prized possessions to justice is slim. Metropolitan Police data shows that the percentage of burglaries which lead to a conviction fell in the year up to April 2019, from 3.7% to 3.1%.

That means that if your home is burgled, there is only a one in 32 chance of the police catching the person who stole from you.

We’ve spoken to experts and leading companies in the home security field so that you can choose which home security system is best for you, so make sure to fill in this form to see what home security deals you can get.


The 5 best home security systems

1. Verisure ()

2. Arlo Ultra ()

3. Somfy One+ ()

4. SimpliSafe: The Bamburgh Pro ()

5. Yale Sync Smart Home Alarm Full Control Kit (½)

verisure's full monitored alarm system

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The best home security systems

Verisure★★★★½6Please contact Verisure for more information★★★★★
Arlo Ultra★★★★★3£449.99★★★★★
Somfy One+★★★★1£349★★★★
SimpliSafe Bamburgh Pro★★★6£659.76 for the first year★★★★
Yale Sync Smart HomeN/A4£449.99★★★½

Information updated in January 2020.


Verisure and Arlo have realised the answer to burglaries is stopping them from happening at all – a fully achievable goal with the right combination of technological advances and human vigilance (most of the battle is remembering these simple home security tips).

When you’re looking to guard against losing everything you hold dear, you want the cream of the crop. And if you can afford top-of-the-range, cutting-edge, smart technology, then it’s absolutely worth taking a look at the best home security systems.

Take it from a home security expert like Yale UK Smart Residential Senior Product Manager Hazel Whittingham.

“Investing in high quality security solutions from a trusted and reliable home security brand can help you to save a lot of money and stress in the long run.

“Smart home security systems not only reduce the risk of your home being targeted, they also provide you with the added peace of mind and convenience of knowing what’s happening at home while you’re away.”

– Hazel Whittingham

We’ll get to the lower end of the market later, where there’s still plenty of value for money.

But for now, let’s focus on the best smart home security systems in existence – the Mona Lisas, Michelangelo’s Davids, and Starry Nights of protecting your home.

Some extra features worth knowing about are below, to give you the full picture of these top-rated systems.


  • Panic button
  • Fake fog
  • Image verification to prevent false alarms
  • Deterrent signs
  • Sends guards to your home for 48 hours if you’re not there

Arlo Ultra

  • Noise-cancelling microphones
  • Spotlight
  • A 4K camera with 180°, 7-8m colour night vision, and 12x digital zoom

Somfy One+

  • Six-hour battery backup
  • Switches off when it detects you
  • Key fob to arm & disarm

SimpliSafe: The Bamburgh Pro

  • Panic button
  • 24-hour battery backup
  • Only detects humans, not pets
  • No contract – cancel monitoring at any time

Yale Sync Smart Home

  • Smoke detector
  • Dummy siren
  • Smart plug


Best smart cameras

swann floodlight security camera

Maybe you don’t want an entire home security package of gadgets and gizmos. Maybe you’re just looking for a camera – which is fair, considering that some of the best home security systems consist of just one smart camera.

Technologically advanced cameras synced up with your other devices through a wifi network are all the rage.

As well as being smart, the models listed below come with two-way audio, as well as night vision, because it’s 2020, and you deserve the best. Plus, it’s recommended to The Eco Experts by industry experts.

“Cameras should have the flexibility to easily move about the home, a sleek design that seamlessly blends into a surrounding environment, and a wide-angle lens with night vision to ensure nothing slips through the cracks on a 24/7 basis.”- Canary spokesperson

A camera should be able to show high-quality images too, which is why all the products listed below film in at least 1080p. ADT Intruder Product Marketing Manager Peter Stanton explained why to The Eco Experts.

“There’s no point in installing a camera if the video footage it captures can’t be effectively viewed.”- Peter Stanton

All of these devices are also wireless (apart from the intriguing Neos SmartCam, which is wired but easy to install), and a steal (pun fully intended) at £19.99. It doesn’t have a siren, but still gets a five-star rating because of its incredible value for money.

Its capabilities are nothing special among high-end security cameras, but a ridiculously low price means that it’s almost – but not quite – too good to be true.

CameraNight visionResolutionPriceRating
Swann Floodlight30m1080p£199.99★★★★★
Neos SmartCam9m1080p£19.99★★★★★
Ring Stick Up Cam Battery9m1080p£179★★★★½
Canary Pro6m1080p£159★★★★
Nest Cam IQ Outdoor15m2448p£329★★★½

Information updated in January 2020.


Do I need a smart lock?

a yale smart lock

Smart locks are part of the Internet of Things (IoT) age, in which an increasing number of people’s home devices are able to connect to their wifi network and interact with each other.

In 2018, there were seven billion active IoT devices – roughly one for every person on Earth. This is expected to rise to 22 billion by 2025, according to market insights site IoT Analytics.

It’s now relatively commonplace to see smart fridges, smart security cameras, smart alarms – and smart locks.

The ability to unlock your door with Bluetooth, an app, a password, or even your voice is pretty impressive, and on the surface adds another layer of security to your home.

However, industry experts have some concerns. Kevin Curran, a cybersecurity professor at Ulster University, told The Eco Experts that one hackable device can put your entire home at risk.

“Quite often, people don’t update the security system, so they’re on their network, and people can use the default password. There are websites which criminals can use to scan homes for IoT devices.

“The devices respond, and once they know that they can ping them, the thief can log in using the default password and seven times out of 10, they’ll get in.”

– Kevin Curran

Paul Wheway, who teaches Cyber Security at Sheffield Hallam University, recalled one particularly worrying example of how one poorly protected smart item can leave your whole network vulnerable.

“We ran a competition a couple of years ago where we looked at a wifi kettle, and found there was a problem with the system.

You could hack the wifi kettle and find out the password in clear text, and you can sit outside the house at that point and do whatever you want with their network. And they wouldn’t be any the wiser.

“The manufacturers are constrained by making things cheaply. This is a major problem with IoT devices.”

– Paul Wheway

Dr Sergio Maffeis, a senior lecturer in computer security at Imperial College London, said all of these factors should influence your thinking when it comes to deciding if you need a smart lock.

“One should carefully review the security practices of the company making the smart lock, and not just go for the cheapest option. Be selective with what you use and what you connect to your network, home or device.

“One gadget can make everything fall apart, so unless you really need it, be careful.”

– Dr Sergio Maffeis

Curran agreed, saying that unless you have a pressing need to get a smart lock, it’s not worth the risk.

“If there’s a certain reason for it – if your house is on Airbnb, if it can save you time and money, if the risk/reward is in your favour – that’s fine, because normal locks can be broken, but people have got to be aware of the risks.”

– Kevin Curran

Curran highlighted how smart locks can go wrong.

“It’s still relatively new technology, and there have been malware attacks against hotels which have needed to pay to get their smart locks unlocked and working again.”

– Kevin Curran

Even Peter Stanton, whose company ADT sells smart locks, sounded a warning.

“Consumers should be careful, if a smart security system is already in place, that the value these devices can add should be weighed up against the cost.”

– Peter Stanton

In contrast, Yale UK’s Hazel Whittingham highlighted the positives of getting a smart lock.

“Smart locks provide you with critical security at a point of entry but also added freedom and convenience.

“The ability to provide virtual keys to allow guests and trusted service providers into your home makes everyday life more convenient.”

– Hazel Whittingham

If you’re still keen to get a smart lock, August, Schlage, and Yale are companies which you can trust. This is in contrast to Tapplock’s products, which researchers in 2018 took just 45 minutes to hack – and they said anyone with a smartphone could do the same.


How about a video doorbell?

Video doorbells can show you who’s outside your home through a connection with your phone, and allow you to talk to them – either to scare them off if they’re a prospective thief, to let them know where to drop your package, or to let loved ones know you’re not home.

Some doorbells even come with facial recognition, so your doorbell will know if the person at your door is a friend.

And as long as video doorbells are isolated on a different wifi network to all your other smart devices, they aren’t particularly dangerous if they’re hacked.

“Video doorbells seem less open to abuse; I don’t think they would have as many security implications.”

– Dr Sergio Maffeis

Curran agreed.

“Video doorbells are quite useful. If you’re not home a lot, you can speak to people leaving packages, and it gives you an added level of security. It could lead to more criminals being caught.”

– Kevin Curran

However, he warned that customers should choose carefully between different doorbells.

“There are so many types of doorbells which are quite cheap and haven’t been updated in the past few years – and burglars know about them. They can be easily compromised.”

– Kevin Curran

And Stanton said that a video doorbell – which ADT also sells – wasn’t necessarily a must-have if you already have a security system in place.

“A strategically placed, motion-activated security camera can do the same job as a smart doorbell.

“Some gadgets can be an expensive way of adding to a security system that more than adequately does the job.”

– Peter Stanton

Above all, remember Curran’s advice for all IoT items.

“Use smart devices only if you think you really need them, pay attention to updates you may need, and don’t settle for default passwords.”

– Kevin Curran

Best wireless video doorbells

ring video doorbell

If you’re keen on making the leap and getting a video doorbell, there are a few high-end choices which will keep you in the know, without financially ruining you.

They all have two-way audio, high-quality cameras, and a viewing range which should cover everything you need to see.

As far as we’re concerned, the current market leaders are the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Skybell.

• Ring’s current best product offers you a high-resolution image, good-quality night vision, and the ability to save everything your doorbell sees for 30 days.

Plus the initial fee is cheaper than its competitors, and the obligatory monthly payment for cloud storage is more than affordable.

• Skybell also deserves praise, with a free cloud service which holds onto all your footage for a week, a competitive price, and a camera that streams in colour at night.

• The Nest Hello is excellent, and its facial recognition and free (though restrictive) cloud option for storing video clips are attractive features.

Nest’s product lets itself down with its limited night vision and relatively poor resolution, meaning it doesn’t live up to its more expensive price tag. It also generally needs to be professionally installed, as it’s wired, which adds around £100 to your bill.

ProductNight visionPicturePriceRating
Ring Video Doorbell 24m1080p£179★★★★½
Nest Hello2m1200p£229★★★★

Information updated in January 2020.

Best cheap systems

Yale HD1080 All-in-One Outdoor Camera

Going for a cheap option when it comes to home security is totally viable, though it comes with inevitable drawbacks. You’ll likely have to choose between having an alarm system – complete with all the bells and whistles, (e.g. motion sensors) – and having a camera.

If you want both, you’ll almost certainly have to spend more than £100, and even then, you’ll be limited to products which you can fix into place yourself. Professional installation costs a pretty penny, so avoiding it is one of the main ways you can save.

Unfortunately though, your home won’t be professionally monitored. The security of your home will be completely up to you, so it’s all about whether you’re prepared to exchange your peace of mind for some savings.

Despite all these drawbacks, you have several worthy options if you’re trying to protect your bank balance as well as your family. Buying cheap doesn’t mean giving up all hope of getting the latest technology.

Though the best smart home security systems are out of reach for small spenders, you can still get a smart device to protect your home.

The camera which does (nearly) everything

The Yale HD1080 All-in-One Outdoor Camera (£119.99) is an exception to the rule that you have to choose between getting a camera and a siren.

It’s an electronic guardian angel with two-way audio, an in-built siren, and alert notifications delivered straight to your phone – where you can always watch a live feed.

The picture quality is high-quality too, at 1080p, and burglars will struggle to escape its 10m night vision, 110° viewing range, and ability to shine a spotlight on anyone who gets too close.

The cheaper, even-fewer-frills option

If you want to save another £30, the Swann Smart Security Camera (£89.95) also links straight to an app on your phone, and can work inside or outside.

It doesn’t have a siren or spotlight, but apart from that it’s a decent alternative to the Yale All-in-One, with a 1080p live feed and a slightly wider field of vision, at 120°.

Both models are wireless, both have the ability to see 10m in the dark, and both will let you know if they see a potential intruder.

Buying one of them may be your best bet – after all, when 12 burglars were surveyed by the Co-op in 2017, they said that seeing a camera was the biggest deterrent against targeting a home.

Protection from the inside

If the worst comes to worst, and a burglar manages to force their way into your home, the wireless Yale HD1080 Wifi Indoor Camera (£44.99) will at least let you know.

Its 8m night vision, 1080p live feed, and range of 90° should be more than enough to identify thieves who’ve broken in.

Though there’s no siren, you’ll be able to quickly call the police, and possibly scare the burglar off by using the camera’s two-way audio system.

Alarm system with all the basic features

The idea of having a camera system with no other traditional features – like a siren – may make you uneasy. In this case, you can pick up a relatively cut-price home security package, the Y-Cam Protect Alarm System, for £149.99.

This wireless smart package comes with a motion detector, a door/window sensor, and connects to Amazon Alexa. It even has a battery backup that lasts 10 hours.

Unfortunately, despite being good value, Y-Cam’s system still has its flaws. Its 80dB siren may scare some burglars off, but with the same noise level as many alarm clocks, it won’t create the unbearable environment you want.

Best for renters

ring stick-up cam battery

When you’re considering which of the best home security systems to purchase, one of the main factors is whether you’re living in a house or an apartment – and whether you own your home.

This will impact on whether you’re able to put semi-permanent measures in place – like wired systems and siren boxes – or if you have to stick with flexible, portable gear.

Those thinking about the best home security for rented apartments should consider going wireless, as this will greatly reduce the damage left by any installations.

Also, if you move home, you can pick it up, pack it away, and easily set it up in your new place by connecting it to the wifi.

The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery (£179)

This model is the perfect example of a smart, wireless, versatile system which will help protect you and your family for a reasonable price.

You can choose whether to place it inside or outside, and whatever you decide, it will provide a 1080p live feed with a 115° viewing range, 10x zoom, and 9m of night vision.

You’ll also have a built-in 110dB siren, which is rare among security cameras, as well as two-way audio, which is relatively standard.

And wonderfully, it’s simple all the way through: it’s easy to install, connects to your Amazon Alexa, and is controllable through an app on your phone.

A price of £2.50 per month to keep all your footage in the cloud for 30 days is extremely generous by industry standards, and comes with the invaluable option to cancel at any time – a must if you don’t own your property.

Neos SmartCam (£19.99)

If your flat isn’t particularly vulnerable, but you still want to protect everything you hold dear, look no further than the Neos SmartCam.

For an alarmingly small price, this product will provide 1080p images, a 110° field of vision, an 8x digital zoom, and 9m of night vision – all of which is on the same level as the Ring camera above.

You can also use it through Amazon Alexa, and access 12-second clips in the cloud for 14 days for free, so there’s no need to worry about sneaky add-ons.

The Neos SmartCam is limited, in that it’s an indoor, wired device that doesn’t have a siren – but for this price, it’s more than worth it. You’ll also need to install it yourself, but this isn’t a significant obstacle.

The camera comes with instructions for an easy setup, and it’s still simple enough to move from home to home.

Verisure (please contact Verisure for price information)

While the previous devices are high-quality cut-price options, they will only provide a certain level of security. For the highest level of safety, you need the Verisure package.

This smart, monitored alarm system is overseen by professionals every minute of the day, month, and year, meaning your security is in expert hands. It also comes with four door or window sensors, two photo detector cameras, and protections against hacking.

It only connects to Verisure’s monitoring centre through a SIM card, meaning it isn’t vulnerable to burglars who try to hack your wifi or cut your phone lines, and avoids connectivity with smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home for the same reason.

As well as a 105dB siren, Verisure will also provide you with a host of useful extras, like a panic button, deterrent signs, a six-hour battery backup, a key fob to arm and disarm, and fake fog which Verisure staff can release when they see intruders.

If you want the best of the best, look to Verisure.

Finding a home security system for you

Having read our comprehensive guide to the best home security systems out there, you should be ready to choose the package which will help protect your home as effectively as possible – without you needing to sell your home to afford it.

In order to make the best decision for you, simply complete this form and get a tailored quote. Then you’ll be able to sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you’ve taken the right steps towards securing a safer future.

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