Cost of Living Crisis: What is the ‘Enough is Enough’ Campaign?

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The cost of everything is rising. As Russia continues to threaten gas supplies, the price of UK energy is soaring, which is having a knock-on effect on the cost of food, transport, and everything else in between.

Latest predictions suggest that the energy price cap will rise to £3,582 a year, whilst the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) has risen by 9.4% in the past year – a 40-year record.

And experts are suggesting that the worst is yet to come.

To combat this overwhelming cost of living crisis, individuals and organisations have teamed together to launch the campaign ‘Enough is Enough’.

Within the first 24 hours of its inception, the movement gained a lot of attention – and we can expect the momentum to continue. So let’s get acquainted.

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What’s on this page?

What is Enough is Enough?

Enough is Enough is a new UK campaign that focuses on fighting the current cost of living crisis.

Founded by trade unions and community organisations, this movement is aiming to push back against rising bills, low wages, food poverty, poor housing quality, and “a society run only for a wealthy elite”.

According to the website, in the coming weeks, Enough is Enough will be holding rallies across Britain, organising community groups, supporting picket lines, and taking action against companies profiteering from this crisis.

What is the campaign asking for? 

Enough is Enough has five key demands from businesses and the UK government:

  1. Introduce more pay rises – This includes raising the national minimum wage, introducing a “real” public sector pay rise, and increasing pensions and benefits
  2. Slash energy bills – Enough is Enough’s short-term goal is for the government to scrap the October price cap rise. As for the long-term goal, the movement is pushing for energy companies to be nationalised, and to invest more in renewable energy
  3. End food poverty – Introduce universal free school meals and community kitchens, whilst also reinstating the £20-a-week Universal Credit uplift
  4. Provide decent homes for all – Improve the housing market by capping rent increases, building over 100,000 council homes a year, insulating homes, and introducing a charter for renters’ rights
  5. Tax the wealthy – Put a wealth tax in place, raise taxes on corporate profits and the top 5% of earners, close tax-dodging loopholes, and abolish non-domicile status

Is it getting noticed?

Enough is Enough is already making its mark. Hours after launching on the 8th of August 2022, the website crashed – a result of over 100,000 people rushing to sign up at once.

The campaign is clearly very popular with the general public, but some prestigious people and organisations are also getting involved. Enough is Enough has so far been backed by the likes of The Communication Workers Union (CWU), MP Zarah Sultana, MP Jeremy Corbyn, and MP Ian Byrne.

Should you get involved?

If you’re concerned about the cost of living crisis, and where it’s heading, then it’s worth getting involved. After all, there’s power in numbers – the more people join the movement, the more likely it’ll have an impact.

But what will Enough is Enough actually be doing?

In the coming weeks, the campaign will roll out a number of events – the website specifies “community groups, picket lines, and taking action against companies profiteering from this crisis” – which will take place across Britain.

If you want to get involved, sign up on the Enough is Enough website and you can find details of events in your area.

Unlike some other campaigns – such as Don’t Pay UK – Enough is Enough doesn’t encourage you to stop paying your energy bills in protest.

What impact will Enough is Enough have?

If enough people sign up to Enough is Enough, it’ll encourage the government to act faster on the cost of living crisis.

Despite being only seven weeks away from the October price rise, the government is yet to come up with a solid plan to support people.

Boris Johnson recently stated that coming up with a plan is a job for his successor, whilst Liz Truss – the current favourite for next Prime Minister – has stated she won’t implement a plan until she is in office, which isn’t until 5 September 2022.

We need action now – and that’s exactly what Enough is Enough is trying to make happen.

What are the alternatives?

Unfortunately, people are running out of options. It’s no longer a matter of putting on a few extra layers, switching off the light when you leave the room, or shopping at cheaper supermarkets – the price of everything is climbing and it’s unavoidable.

There are other campaigns that people can join, which will put more pressure on the government to act faster. Another movement taking off is Don’t Pay UK, which, as the name suggests, involves not paying energy bills as a way to protest.

Although this could be effective, not paying energy bills might land you in a bit of trouble. Unlike other countries, there’s no law in the UK that prevents energy companies from switching off your electricity and gas if you don’t pay up.


The bottom line? Change has to come from a governmental level – and that’s what Enough is Enough is trying to push for.

Some European countries, such as France and Germany, have been able to avoid such dramatic price rises thanks to their nationalised energy and transport systems. The UK, however, is struggling to keep prices down in its privatised market.

According to Enough is Enough, if you’re feeling frustrated with the current energy crisis, this could be your chance to “turn anger into action”.

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