Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pump

Why a Mitsubishi Heat Pump?

In this current economic climate, people are constantly looking for ways to save money. In addition, the impact we have on the environment is of increasing concern to many. For this reason, many people are looking for ways to save money on their fuel bills, whilst at the same time respecting the environment. Various companies have taken these concerns on board and have developed more efficient, less carbon emissive products. Mitsubishi Electric is one such company.

Mitsubishi Electric now offers an air source heat pump for use in a domestic setting. Known as the Ecodan air source heat pump, it allows you to heat your home using heat extracted from the outside air. The pump works by absorbing this heat into a fluid at a low temperature, then passing the fluid through a compressor which increases the temperature of the heat to use in the heating and hot water system within the home.

Even if the outdoor temperature is as low as -15 degrees Celsius (and in the most efficient version, model PUHZ-HW140VHA/YHA, as low as -25 degrees), the heat pump can still take heat out of the air. This makes the Mitsubishi air source heat pump a great choice for use in the UK, where temperatures are often low and means that the pump can work all year round.

The Green Gateway Initiative

In the UK, Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a program named the Green Gateway Initiative as part of a wider corporate initiative to help reduce carbon emissions. This initiative aims to encourage consumers to examine their energy consumption with a view to reducing their usage and, thereby, their carbon emissions. The Ecodan air source heat pump was introduced to support this initiative as a product to be used in individual homes.

The Mitsubishi air source heat pump offers several advantages to the consumer. It is easy to install, generally consisting of an external box to be placed on an outside wall, a hot water storage cylinder for indoors and some controls and circulation pumps, making it suitable for many types of home.

How does an Air Source Heat Pump work?

The system converts the low grade energy it absorbs from outside into useable heat for the home, where it can be used to heat standard radiators, hot water, under floor heating and low level radiators. At least 3kw of heating energy can be obtained from just 1kw of electricity fed into the Ecodan heating system. Although the pump needs electricity to run, the heat that it extracts from outside sources is continually being naturally renewed.

There are different types of heating systems and fuels currently being used in UK homes, so the efficiency this system would provide and the savings you would make depends on the existing system you have. But since the Mitsubishi air source heat pump uses heat it extracts from the outside air, recycling it for use in the home, carbon emissions are reduced.

Mitsubishi Electric's commitment to assisting the general public in reducing their carbon emissions has been greatly advanced by the development of their Ecodan air source heat pump and will continue to help consumers reduce their carbon emissions for the future.

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