Our Editorial Process

At The Eco Experts, we’re dedicated to providing you with all the information you need to cut your greenhouse gas emissions while saving money at the same time.

We meet this goal by publishing useful information in a timely, clear manner that explains green concepts and solutions without downplaying their complexity.

And we ensure everything that appears on the site contains the highest levels of accuracy, journalistic integrity, and data analysis by relying solely on our in-house Eco Experts.

In an industry where it’s all too easy to make an unwise investment in a new piece of eco-friendly technology and put your warmth, power, and savings at risk, we strive to give you and the world a greener, more cost-effective future you can trust.

Here’s how we achieve it.

Our sources

We only use information and statistics from reliable, up-to-date sources – and we always name our source.

Our most common sources include UK government data, the Energy Saving Trust, trade associations like the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, and intergovernmental bodies like the International Energy Agency.

We base all of our analysis and recommendations on data provided by trustworthy sources like these.

And when there’s not yet enough data to draw solid conclusions on a new green product or government scheme, we’ll tell you.

Updating our content

We regularly update our content to make sure that it’s accurate and relevant in a constantly changing world.

We also ensure our calculations are based on the most recent data.

This means that whether you’re looking into electric cars, solar panels, or free boiler schemes, you can always rely on our price details, product information, and analysis to make decisions about your household’s future.


We know our readers have different levels of knowledge about eco-friendly products and schemes.

That’s why we start from the beginning, with the most basic information, and build all the way up to the more complex details.

No matter your level of understanding, we work to create outstanding content that will give you the tools you need to make your home greener and more energy efficient.

We’re also aware that readers will be willing to spend different amounts of money on going eco-friendly and cutting their energy bills.

Because of this, we write with every segment of society in mind, so all our readers can contribute to the fight against climate change while they save money.

Use of AI

The Eco Experts is a team of talented, human writers with real experiences and knowledge to share. For this reason, we never use AI to generate any of our written content. It’s important to us that the people using our site are reading helpful advice that’s come from a genuine place.


Our work is always thoroughly checked by at least one other expert in green products and writing, to make sure our articles are clear and correct, down to the smallest detail.

We also encourage feedback from our readers, and ensure we address and action it as soon as possible.

If you ever have any feedback or corrections you’d like to give us, just get in touch with our Editor Charlie Clissitt, who’s available via charlie.clissitt@theecoexperts.co.uk.

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