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Rob Binns

Senior Writer

Rob Binns has been writing for the Eco Experts for almost a year. After graduating with an Honours degree in Criminology from his native Wellington, New Zealand, Rob’s passion for the environment and ardour for the written word led him into the welcoming arms of the Eco Experts.

As resident smart homes expert, Rob has always burned with an enthusiasm for smart gadgets. Whether it’s coffee machines, fridges, locks, video doorbells, or garage door openers, Rob’s always writing to help you equip your home with the slickest, savviest, and most secure smart technology on the market. 

When Rob’s not creating content for homeowners, he’s writing for businesses. In addition to B2B giant Expert Market and British entrepreneurial hub Startups, his articles have been published across a smorgasbord of notable sites, including Payments Journal, Yahoo! Finance, and

When he’s not doing all that, he can be found marathon training, playing football, and doing yoga (badly), or stretched out in the sun with a beer and a battered old Stephen King book.

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