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Zenith has two windows endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust

Customers have given it an underwhelming 2.2/5 score on Review Centre

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Zenith Double Glazing Prices

How Much Are Zenith Windows?

You will not find prices on Zenith’s website as the cost of their windows are dependent on your home’s individual requirements, such as number of windows, ease of access, and your personal tastes, such as window material and style.

However to give you an indication of how much Zenith’s windows cost, we accompanied a member of the public who was looking for new windows and had Zenith quote for 8 new windows at their home. The quote from Zenith is outlined in the table below which includes scaffolding costs for a three story house:

Material Finish
Number of Windows
Size of Windows
Energy Efficiency
Cash Price
Zenith Portfolio Price*

Safestyle and Anglian also quoted for this job and both their quotes were cheaper.

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How to Get Zenith’s Best Prices

In the table above, you will notice that Zenith quoted a ‘Portfolio Price’*. This is essentially a discount in exchange for allowing them to use you as a case study to promote their work in your local area. This involves putting up a sign while they are installing your windows, taking photos of the installation and providing a review of the work done by Zenith once your windows are installed.

Did You Know?

Around 90% of Zenith’s customers reportedly opt to pay using the finance scheme.

It’s worth noting that when our homeowner said they would need time to consider the quote as he wanted to compare the quote against other installers, the sales person from Zenith phoned his office and then came back with an additional discounted price.

This suggests you might be able to get a better offer by declining their initial quote and waiting to see if they offer you a better deal.

How Does Zenith’s Finance Repayment Plan Work?

Zenith’s sales person suggested that Zenith receives a 10% commission from the finance company they provide finance through. As a result they are able to offer a reduction in their prices for customers who buy windows on finance.

The Zenith sales person also said that around 90% of their customers opt to pay using the finance scheme.


Zenith Window Review

How Good Are Zenith’s Windows?

Zenith Windows

Zenith offer some of the best windows on the market. As they manufacture their own windows, you can be sure that they are made to fit your home.

Their uPVC windows are made from virgin uPVC. They have also been accredited by Secured By Design, an official police security initiative, meaning they are one of the most secure windows on the market.

Zenith have 2 windows endorsed by The Energy Saving Trust. These 2 windows are shown in the table below.

Window Name
Energy Rating
Zenith Eco Therm Casement Window
Double Glazing
Zenith Eco Triple Casement Window
Triple Glazing

What About Zenith’s Installation Process?

As Zenith is part of Entu Group, they are able to offer installation of your windows through their sister company, Job Worth Doing. They are Which? Trusted Trader accredited meaning you can be confident in the quality of their installation process.

What Do Zenith’s Customers Think?

We have heard both good and bad things from our customers about Zenith. This is supported by their mixed feedback scores on the largest review sites, shown in the table below:

Review Source
Review Centre

*Correct at time of writing on 13th August 2018


Zenith vs. Other National Window Installers

Zenith is one of the four largest installers in the UK; the other companies are Safestyle, Everest and Anglian.

Based on the quotes received by our member of the public who we accompanied, Zenith was more expensive than Safestyle and Anglian. Everest are also considered to be at the upper end of the price scale.

If you are looking for new windows, it is worth getting quotes from at least two of these installers.


Zenith vs. Local Installers

When comparing Zenith to local installers you will need to ensure the local installer’s windows are as secure and energy efficient as Zenith’s windows. This includes ensuring they have:

  • the same energy rating
  • shoot bolt locks
  • internal glazing and beading
  • an excluder device

You will also want to ensure the windows are being custom made for your home so they fit properly.


Zenith’s Accreditation

Zenith are a member of FENSA meaning they comply with the latest window and door installation regulations. This also gives customers added support if anything does go wrong as FENSA will become involved in any dispute you have with Zenith.

They are also a member of Secured By Design (SBD), the official police initiative for design and security, meaning their windows are one of the most secure on the market.


Zenith’s Warranty and Guarantees

Zenith offer a 10 year guarantee on all their windows and doors. Their warranties are transferable so if you sell your home the new owners are still covered which can be an added advantage when you come to selling your benefit.

Zenith also offer a ‘Care Free Plan’ as an additional extra which covers for virtually any damage to your new windows and doors.

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