Waste Disposal Prices for Businesses

Most businesses pay a waste management company to regularly collect and dispose of their waste.

Waste disposal prices are broken down into several costs including bin hire fees, collection fees and the Government Landfill Tax.

To get cheap waste disposal prices you should reduce, reuse and recycle your waste and compare quotes from lots of different companies.

All businesses produce waste, whether it be plastic packaging, scrap metal, hardcore rubble or food scraps. Whatever unwanted product your business generates, it must be disposed of safely and responsibly. But this comes at a price: it’s been estimated that waste management can cost businesses up to 4% of their turnover every year. It’s no surprise, therefore, that refuse disposal is often one of the biggest expenditure streams for a business.

This guide will help you to understand exactly how waste disposal prices are calculated, what you should be paying to dispose of your business’ waste, and how you can get a good deal.

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What's in This Guide to Waste Disposal Prices?

How Much Does It Cost to Dispose of Business Waste?

Lots of different costs make up how much your business will pay to dispose of its waste. Most businesses partner with a waste contractor to collect and dispose of their waste as it’s much more cost-effective and time-efficient than disposing of your waste yourself. The most important costs to pay attention to are:

• The cost of hiring waste bins

• The cost of collecting waste

• The cost of taking waste to a waste transfer station

• The cost of dumping waste into a landfill site

Bin Hire Costs

You’ll be charged a weekly hire fee by your waste management company to use their bins to store your rubbish. This means that you won’t own the bins - you’ll simply pay to ‘borrow’ them from your waste contractor.

As a guide, the table below shows you the typical cost of hiring the most common sized waste bins for your business:

Wheelie Bin Size


Weekly Hire Price (inc. VAT)

Annual Hire Price (inc. VAT)

120 litre
2 to 3 sacks
77p to 96p
£40 to £50
240 litre
3 to 5 sacks
77p to £1.05
£40 to £55
360 litre
5 to 7 sacks
£1.44 to £1.70
£75 to £90
660 litre
10 to 12 sacks
£2.30 to £4.80
£120 to £250
1,100 litre
15 to 20 sacks
£2.88 to £6.30
£150 to £330

Waste Collection Costs

Waste management companies will charge you a fixed amount to collect your business’ waste. Depending on how much waste your business produces, it can be collected daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

The following table shows you the typical cost of collecting your business’ general waste once per week based on the size of the bin that you store it in:

Wheelie Bin Size

Weekly Collection Price (inc. VAT)

Annual Collection Price (inc. VAT)

120 litre
£2.50 to £3
£130 to £156
240 litre
£4.50 to £5.50
£234 to £286
360 litre
£6.50 to £7.50
£338 to £390
660 litre
£11 to £13.50
£572 to £702
1,100 litre
£15 to £22.50
£780 to £1,170

Waste Transfer Station Costs

A waste transfer station is a building or processing site for the temporary storage of waste. Your waste contractor will often drop your waste here before it’s transported to its next destination for further treatment or disposal. The cost of taking your business’ refuse to a waste transfer station will be factored into your invoices by your waste contractor.

The table below shows the typical cost per tonne of disposing of different types of business waste at a waste transfer station:

Type of Waste

Price per Tonne (inc. VAT)

Minimum Charge (for less than a tonne)

Mixed general waste
£130 to £200
£30 to £85
Dry mixed recyclables
£50 to £70
£30 to £50
Cardboard and paper
Mixed glass
£10 to £20
No minimum
Green waste
£50 to £65
£30 to £40
£90 to £195
£30 to £50
Inert waste
£40 to £70
£20 to £40
£60 to £75
£30 to £50

Landfill Disposal Costs

You’ll be charged a government levy on every tonne of your business’ waste that ends up in a landfill site. This is known as the Landfill Tax, and was introduced to encourage businesses to dispose of their waste using more favourable and sustainable methods, such as recycling. The landfill tax will be included in your invoices by your waste management company.

The table below shows you how much it costs to dump waste in a landfill site. As you can see, the landfill tax has been rising steadily year-on-year, so the cost of landfilling your business waste is becoming increasingly expensive.

Landfill Tax 2016

Landfill Tax 2017

Landfill Tax 2018

£84.40 per tonne
£86.10 per tonne
£88.95 per tonne

To get a bespoke waste disposal quote for your business, simply fill in this form and one of our advisors will get in touch with you.

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What Factors Affect Waste Disposal Prices?

Several factors can affect how much you’ll pay to dispose of your business’ waste, including:

Business industry. Some industries will produce more waste than others due to the nature of their day-to-day operations; a manufacturing or construction business will generate significantly more refuse than a gym or insurance company. In general, the more waste that your business produces, the more you’ll have to pay to dispose of it.

Type of waste. Certain types of waste cost more to dispose of than others. Typically, recycling waste such as glass, cardboard and paper are cheaper to dispose of than general mixed waste. If your business produces hazardous waste such as asbestos and solvents, disposal prices are often up to 50% higher. This is a) because of the threat to public health and the environment should there be an accident when handling hazardous materials, and b) because the process of transporting and disposing of hazardous waste is more complex.

Business location. Waste disposal prices can vary around the country, so your postcode can have an influence on how much you’ll pay. This is due to factors such as how much your local waste transfer station charges to dump waste, and how easy it is for your waste contractor to collect your business’ refuse. Businesses in remote areas will often be charged more than those in well-connected, urban locations.

Waste management company. The waste management company you use to dispose of your business waste will have a big influence on how much you pay. While a growth in the number of waste contractors has led to more competitive pricing, some companies still charge more than others. This is why it’s so important to compare quotes from as many waste contractors as possible so that you get the best deal.

By filling in the form at the top of the page, our expert partners can get you a tailored waste disposal price for your business.

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Are There Any Other Costs?

You’ll find a couple of other smaller costs in your invoice from your waste contractor, and it’s worth knowing what they are and why they’re charged.

Administrative charges. This covers the cost of a waste management company generating your paper invoices and processing your payments. You can avoid this charge by switching to paperless billing and direct debit payments.

Waste Transfer Note (WTN). Most waste companies will charge you for a WTN. This is a legal document that must be completed every time your business’ waste is collected by your waste contractor. If your waste is collected regularly, you can get a season ticket WTN that covers multiple collections over a 12-month period.

Don't forget. If your business has to buy, sell or transport waste products as part of its day-to-day operations (e.g. builders, gardeners), you’ll need to buy a license from the Environment Agency to become a registered waste carrier. This costs £154 and will need to be renewed every 3 years (for certain businesses) at a cost of £105. Without the license, you’ll be breaking the law and could be fined up to £5,000.

To find out more about WTNs and other waste legislation, visit our guide to trade waste disposal regulations.

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How to Get Cheap Waste Disposal Prices

Saving money and increasing profits is a top priority for many business owners. With waste collection and disposal being one of a business’ largest overhead costs, finding ways to reduce the amount you spend on waste management is a straightforward way to cut your business’ overall expenditure. Here are our tips on how to get cheap waste disposal prices.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Your Waste

Reducing the amount of waste your business produces and reusing or recycling more of the waste that your business does produce, will help you to cut how much you spend on waste management. This might seem like a massive task, but by carrying out a waste audit to identify areas of your business where you can reduce, reuse or recycle your rubbish, you’ll be able to break down the job into much smaller, more manageable steps.

• If your business uses a lot of the same materials, buy it in bulk. This will not only save you money, but also reduces the amount of packaging waste you produce.

• Get rid of single-use plastic cutlery and cups in favour of reusable knives, forks, spoons and glasses.

• Send anything that you’d normally print - invoices, newsletters, reports - electronically to reduce how much paper you use. If this isn’t possible, make an effort to print documents double-sided.

• Place clearly labelled recycling bins in strategic places around your business premises, such as in the staff kitchen.

• If your business deals with perishable goods, improve your inventory management so that items don’t expire or become unusable.

Compare Quotes

Get like-for-like quotes from as many waste management companies as possible and compare them against each other. This will help you to identify which contractors are offering you a great deal on your business waste disposal (and which are simply ripping you off!). Remember, waste management is a competitive market, so don’t be afraid to play one contractor against another to make sure that you get the best waste disposal prices!

To get waste disposal quotes for your business, all you have to do is fill in this short form by answering some simple questions about your business. This will help us to understand your specific waste management needs so that our advisors can get you tailored waste disposal prices for your business. It’s really as simple as that, and completely free of charge!

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