The Future Of Solar Energy [Infographic]

How will we use Solar Energy in the future?

Here is our latest infographic about surprising breakthroughs in transport.

We think it’s our best-looking infographic yet! Featured vehicles are: the Solar Impulse, the Hyperloop, Project Loon, the MS Turanor Planet Solar and Online Electric Vehicles (OLEVs).

All are actual projects, powered by sunlight and well worth reading about. Our infographic will tell you more – scroll down and take a look.

As you read this, there are experimental solar vehicles being developed for land, air and sea that will redefine how we transport ourselves and how we look after the planet. These innovative vehicles include driverless buses, supersonic public transport that propels commuters in capsules upon a blanket of air like an air-hockey puck, and planes that can fly continuously above cloud-level for years.

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