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Are you still unsure about using The Eco Experts for your solar panel installation? Find out what people are saying about us by reading the following customer testimonials:

I was looking at installing solar panels to my house and Eco Experts provided a fast and efficient service linking me to various reputable providers within 24 hours. Eco Experts were very much the first trigger in obtaining detailed quotes at a good prices, for what is a life time investment. I would definitely recommend them to others.


Paul McCann

Pontefract, England

With the prices of every day essentials constantly creeping up, I was adamant to find some way of saving my hard earned pennies. At this point I came across 'The Eco Experts' comparison site. I couldn't believe how swift it was to use, let alone that I'd get numerous quotes within a minute. I really couldn't recommend this facility enough!

Vicky Testimonial Image

Vicky Smith

Yorkshire, England

Soon after getting in touch regarding solar panels, three local companies contacted us. We actually went with the first company who came out to see us and quote, as they seemed exceptionally professional and a good price, compared with a quote we received from a ‘cold call’ company. We have had the panels fitted just over a month now, and we are really pleased with the whole process and work done. We are now looking to get new windows fitted, and have used the same process again.

Anne Richards

Anne Richards


Within 10 minutes my phone rang & I was speaking to a representative of Sun Spirit. They offered a surveyor to visit at 10:00 the next day & I accepted. Imagine my surprise when not more than 30 minutes later another company called me & also offered to see me the next day, which I also accepted.The Sun Spirit rep arrived bang on time & was able to answer most of my questions & contacted his office to clarify one or two points that I raised. To my surprise they said that they would be able to install a 4.0 kW system on my property within ONE WEEK and that this would be just inside the deadline for the FIT tariff of 43.3 p/kWh. The next rep arrived as the first was leaving & they had an amicable chat on my driveway. The second rep was totally professional & advised me that they would be happy to supply a system but they could not achieve installation by the 1st March [installations after this date only qualify for a FIT of 21.0 p/kWh]. By lunchtime I had decided that I would accept Sun Spirit's quotation which, I thought was very competitive & less than what I was expecting to have to pay. Everything then proceeded to plan & I had the system installed & registered under the MCS scheme on the very last day that the higher FIT tariff would potentially apply. Sun Spirit did a great job, the system has worked perfectly since installation & I have just received my first payment of £650 for the first 15 weeks of system operation........ I am a very happy bunny!!


Andy Alton

Teeside, England

I recently used The Eco Experts to get a quote for solar panels. My request was quickly dealt with and I was contacted by 3 healpful suppliers. I was not presurised into any decisions and the information was useful to our enquiry.


Kath Tomkinson


I was quickly matched with 2 local suppliers. I was contacted by each of them, visited by both, given the name and telephone numbers for people who had had solar panels installed by each and was able to make, what I thought was, an informed decision. I have had solar panels installed - it was a difficult decision to choose between each company. In the end heart ruled head and I went with the smaller company.


Maggie Davenport

Cheshire, England

I contacted Eco Experts online after receiving an email from them, inviting me to get a free quote for solar panels. I sent in a few details and they rang me immediately (and I do mean immediately), offering to put me in touch with the name of a company who could supply a quote in my post code. With my approval , they then contacted the company, who phoned and made an appointment to see me within the next four days . The Eco Experts were quick , efficient , polite and friendly.


Lynn Emm

London, England

I contacted Eco Experts to help me connect with local renewable energy suppliers. We were contacted by two companies and I am pleased to report that following site visits, we placed an order for a new biomass heating system and it is being installed as I type!


Julie Chandler

Shrewsbury, England

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