Solar Tracking Systems for PV Panels

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Solar PV Panel

Solar PV panels convert the suns energy into electricity using the photovoltaic effect displayed by semiconductors such as monocrystalline silicon and cadmium telluride, from which many solar panels are constructed. The efficiency levels of solar panels are directly related to the direction that they are facing and whether sunlight is directly striking the surface of the solar panel. For this reason solar PV panels generally only perform at optimal efficiency levels during certain times of the day and year. However, technology does exist which can increase the effectiveness of solar PV panels by controlling which direction they face throughout the day.

Tracking Systems

Solar tracking systems for PV panels are designed to optimize the efficiency of solar panels by tracking the sun through the sky during the day. Optical sensors are used to align the solar panels with the suns arc and additional sun sensors read how much sun is falling onto the surface of the panels. This ensures that the solar PV panels are always facing the optimal direction at all times and is reported to increase their power output by as much as 45%. This means that as there is more electricity being generated, homes and businesses achieve even greater electricity bill savings. In addition, solar tracking systems for PV panels can help homes, businesses and commercial solar farms to earn more profits from Feed in Tariffs. Solar tracking systems for PV panel's prices will vary according to the number of solar panels that are to be fitted which will also determine the size of the system. Solar tracking systems are also available for vehicle mounted solar panels and can increase a PV panel productivity to produce the equivalent of three similar powered PV panels mounted conventionally. Such systems, like the en-Haaft (Oyster) Sunmover Automatic Sun Tracking Solar Panel System, use GPS technology to track the sun throughout the day and cost around £2,000.

Benefits of Solar Tracking Systems

Most solar tracking systems are designed to save space compared to the conventional ways of installing ground or roof mounted solar panels. One need only confirm with the solar tracking system supplier how many solar panels need to be fitted and the appropriate size frame will be supplied with all mounting apparatus included. Solar tracking systems for PV panels are easy to install and virtually maintenance free.

The Best Solar Tracking System Suppliers

Finding the top solar tracking system suppliers in the UK should be done carefully as solar trackers are specialist pieces of equipment. Only the most reputable solar tracking suppliers should be compared as the precise calculation of the solar panel system to be mounted will need to be done so that the appropriate tracking system is supplied. Solar tracking in the UK is a fairly new system so many inexperienced companies will be trying hard to sell them. The best way to find the most competitive prices from solar tracking firms that know what they are doing is to use the price comparison service available on this website. The service is fast, efficient and most of all, totally free to use.

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