Swindon Solar Panel Installers

After summer 2012 being declared the wettest on record, one could be forgiven for thinking that investment in solar power projects may not be high on anyone's list of priorities. However, there have been no shortage of investors looking to purchase shares in Westmill Solar Co-operatives £4 million scheme.

Their Solar Park has been installed over a 30 acre site at Watchfield on the outskirts of Swindon and consists of 21,620 PV solar panels. To date, over 920 local residents and businesses have committed in excess of £3.5 million to the project and the Co-operative is confident that they will reach their target before the end of the year.

Another major contributor to the reduction of the carbon footprint of the city is Swindon Council who has earmarked £900,000 to a two phase project to install PV solar panels on their council properties. This includes the installation of 536 panels to the Swindon Commercial Services Depot, with a projected generation of 125kWp and financial savings of £38,500 annually.

The second stage involves the Thamesdown Bus Depot where a 99kWp generation is expected through the installation of 432 PV solar modules. The annual reduction in costs on this site is projected to be £33,600.

PV Solar Installers in Swindon

With its convenient accessibility to the M4 corridor, Swindon has a an excellent range of high level PV solar installation providers within the city.

Family owned S-Gen Solar has been delivering their services to domestic and commercial customers in the south for over 10 years. Based in Chiseldon they are accredited by both the MCS (Microgeneration scheme) and the REA (Renewable Energy Association) and offer a 10 year guarantee on all their installations.

For a provider who can deliver a PV solar installation through every phase from planning and consultation to preparation, supply and delivery, concluding with efficient installation and connection to the Grid, BPV Solar are a Swindon based company who offer the highest standards from their team of qualified, certified professionals.

They provide a free property survey and consultation service and ensure that only those panels demonstrating the highest efficiency ratings are used in their arrays.

Alternative Options

MD of GHE Solar, Linda Davies, has been in the construction industry for 25 years and has grown the company to now include offices in Salisbury, Chippenham, Newbury and Reading in addition to their Swindon location. They use only the highest quality PV solar panels in their installations including Sharp, renowned for their reputation for efficiency and durability, UK based Romag, and the widely used European favourite, CP-Solar.

Located on the Cheyney Manor Industrial Estate, Silicon Solar Energy Ltd are specialists in domestic PV solar installations and carry the MCS accreditation. Their team of design and commissioning professionals offer peace of mind to their customers, ensuring them of the highest standards of efficiency and reliability both in their installation services and in the choice of solar modules used.

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