Reading Solar Panel Installers

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Reading Coat Of Arms In Reading, the exposure of sunlight is enough to produce a decent amount of power if the installer has enough technical knowledge and is familiar with the local sun peak hours and solar irradiance figures. The solar irradiance figures in Reading are at their peak between April and August, the highest figure recorded being 4.86 in the month of June and the lowest 0.60 in December.

The peak sun hours in Reading are also highest during the summer, with the months of June and July peaking at 7 hours each. Therefore, as is evident with the solar irradiance values, the best time for solar exposure will be from April till August.

However, though cloud cover might reduce the effectiveness of the solar panels, the efficiency of modern panels has increased significantly, thus enabling them to produce electricity even in severely overcast conditions.

Reading Solar Panel Installers

Searching for a good solar panel installer can sometimes be a daunting task. Nowadays a lot of companies offer good rates and services for solar power generation systems. A quick online search can be helpful, but some renowned solar panels installers include Smart Electrical Services UK LTD, SolarEssence and Spirit Solar Ltd.

In Reading, locally based companies include Ecoliving and Cater Electrical Installation Ltd. Smart Electrical Services UK Ltd is also based in the town and is highly rated by buyers, so it may be useful to give them a call.

Many installers offer free quotes. They will do a survey of your house, assess your requirements and advise you on the best possible solution tailored to your needs. If the quote is workable for you, the installers will set up the complete solar power generation system and also advise you regarding its maintenance and use.

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