Solar Panels For Flat Roofs

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Solar panel mounting system

There is a lot of confusion as to whether it is better to have a flat or pitched roof for optimal solar panel efficiency. There are optimal angles for solar panels to be mounted at but your roof does not already have to be pitched at this angle to make solar panels worthwhile. Mounting systems allow for solar panels to sit at an optimal angle, regardless of whether they are on a flat or pitched roof. Solar panels can be mounted in many different ways and your installer will advise you on the best method for your roof.

Optimum angle for pitched roof

The optimum angle for solar panels to be mounted at is 30°. This does not mean that solar panels that are not mounted at 30° are inefficient or wasteful! As long as your solar panels see a significant amount of light each day, they will produce enough electricity to save you money on your energy bills. Panels that are pitched at 30° to 60° will be slightly more efficient and therefore produce more electricity. If your roof is not pitched at 30°to 60° you should ask your installer whether they believe an angled mounting bracket would be worthwhile.

Another thing to consider is that the optimal efficiency angle of your solar panels may change throughout the year. In order to profit from the angle of the sun you could install your solar panels on an adjustable mounting system. During the winter months when the sun is lower in the sky it may more more efficient for your solar panels to be placed closer to 60°. In the Summer when the sun is high, they might be more optimal at 30°.

These are very minor variations, which most people do not consider to be worth the additional cost and effort of installing an adjustable mounting system. However, if you are looking for the absolute maximum output from your solar panels it is something to consider and ask your installer about.

Solar mounting systems manufacturers

There are many companies manufacturing solar panel mounting systems and most installers will provide their own. Here we have provided you with a selection of the best so that you can be more informed on which style of mounting system is right for you:

Sunshine Solar
Sunshine Solar Ltd are one of the UK's leading on-line suppliers of mounting systems and accessories for renewable energy solutions. They are stockists of the fastFix Adjustable Roof Mounting System. This system to can be angled from 30° to 60°, delivering the potential for maximum solar power generation.

Hilti Corporation
The Hilti MSP-AL PV mounting system can be used on pitched roofs in residential environments. The system is simple and has only 5 components, all of which are corrosion-resistant. This cost-effective mounting solution can be used for most solar pv systems.

K2 Systems
K2 offer innovative mounting technology, specifically designed for both flat and pitched roofs to allow panels to reach their optimal angle.

Wind and Sun
W&S have designed an eco-friendly mounting system to angle solar panels on flat roofs. The system is made from 100% recycled, chlorine free, polyethylene, has a long life and requires no maintenance.

Key points to consider

+ Whether you have a flat or pitched roof will greatly impact the type of mounting system you require. If you have a flat roof you should consider an angled mounting system.

+ If you have a pitched roof which is angled between 30° and 60° you will probably not have to worry about an angled mounting bracket.

+ In order to completely maximize solar panel efficiency throughout the year you can invest in an adjustable mounting bracket.

+ If you live in the north you will see more results from an adjustable mounting system as the difference between the sun’s height in summer and winter is more distinct than in the south.

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