Luton Solar Panels

DISCLAIMER: Our partners no longer take appointments for homeowners looking to benefit from the Feed-in Tariff, which is due to end on 31st March 2019

Luton Crest Research carried out by Luton Council has indicated that a minimum of 4,500 residential properties in the town would be suited to installing a solar PV system.

With around 70,000 households in the town this means over 6% of local homes can benefit. Because of the suitability of the area for utilising solar systems there are a number of domestic and commercial properties that have already installed solar panels and are now benefiting from free electricity.

Some of the more unusual solar installations in Luton include a system at the Luton Town football club, street signs illuminated by solar panels and a planned 13,000 panels system which will power local prisons in Grendon and Springhill.

How Many Sun Hours in Luton?

There is a noticeable variation in sun hours across the year with around 50 hours per month in January to over 200 hours a month from April to the end of August. The average in the Luton area is around 1450 sun hours per year which is close to ten percent above the UK national average. In terms of monthly solar radiation, the variation is from an average of 0.64 kWh per m2 per day in January to over 4.5 kWh per m2 per day in May, June, July and August.

Solar Panel Installers in Luton

There are over sixty solar panel installation businesses in Luton. These include; MLC Eco Energy, Solar Essence, Solar Solutions, Raydion Renewable Energy, LV Electrical Solutions, Chelsfield Electrical Ltd, Aecsclor, South Facing Ltd, Brooks Electrical Solutions Ltd, Just Energy Solutions, Absolute Solar and Wind, Solar Domestic Energy, Everest Ltd, Ecohouse Ltd, Future Heating Ltd, SCL Electrical, SolarShire Energy, Roger Charge Developments Ltd, J Carpenter Electrical Services, Joju Solar, Solinvictus, Chiltern Solar Ltd, Safe Solar Ltd, Insulate your Home Ecologistics, Green Choice Heating Ltd and The Apollo Property Services Ltd.

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