Ilford Solar Panels

Redbridge Ilford Coat Of Arms Set in East London on the border with Essex, Ilford is located in one the sunniest parts of the UK. Solar irradiance levels in this part of the country have been measured for over 22 years and they demonstrate that solar panels can be successfully used in the area.

The months with the lowest solar irradiance levels are November to January when they hover around the 1.5 kWh per m2 per day level. However, by May, they reach over 4.2 kWh per m2 per day and stay at this level or above until the end of August. This translates to average sun hours of around 1,600 a year; well above the UK's average of 1,400.

Solar Panels Installations in Ilford

There are already a number of well established solar panel installations in Ilford. The East Thames Housing Group set up the Greener Homes project which brought about the installation of solar panels onto 20 derelict houses which were being renovated. These panels helped reduced the building's Co2 emissions by 83% and cut the householders' bills by an average of 25%.

Research carried out by the local council estimates that each 4m2 solar panel installed in the borough will cut energy costs by £50 per annum, and that they will still be active in the winter months, even if it is at a lesser capacity.

Solar Panel Installers in Ilford

Being part of Greater London means there a great number of solar panel firms who operate in the Ilford area including; I.C.iT Energy Solutions Ltd, Solar Essence, Smart Build Solar Energy, 0800sparks, Britsolar Ltd, Safe Solar Ltd, Eirpol Ltd, Triple Solar Ltd, The Eco Team Ltd, Mod Electrical, RGE Services Ltd, Jeffery Dodds Electrical Engineers t/a Sunrise Solar, Green Choice Heating Ltd, Apollo Property Services Group and Insulate Your Home t/a Ecologistics.

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