Harrogate Solar Panels

Harrogate Coat Of Arms Based in North Yorkshire on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, Harrogate has a mild and dry climate similar to many places in the rain shadow of the Pennines. It is also set on a high altitude averaging 100 - 200 metres above sea level. This means that despite its northerly location, the town enjoys an average of 1,334 sun hours per year, which is only twenty below the UK average of 1,356.

Harrogate also benefits from a higher than average number of dry days with rainfall being 883 mls per year - significantly below the UK average of 1,236 mls. With this being the case, Harrogate is well suited to the installation of domestic or commercial solar systems.

Solar Installation Companies in Harrogate

There are over fifty companies who carry out solar fitting in Harrogate. Local installation firms include; Barclay Electrical Contractors, Solar Electricians (Yorkshire) Ltd, Clean Energy (Yorkshire) Ltd, S. Kent Solar Ltd, Safegas Ltd, R&B Electrical and Renewables Ltd, Ecolex Ltd, Solar Renewable Energy Ltd, Duncan Solar and Select Solar Panels.

Regional firms with teams operating in the Harrogate area include; Peak Power Systems Ltd, G.W and J Ward, Yorkshires Green with Energy, Palm Solar, Hudson Solar, Northern Sunlight, JSC Installations and Stroma Solar Ltd.

Solar Panel Installations in Harrogate

There are a number of flourishing solar installations already up and running in Harrogate. One of the most successful is on St Mark's Church on Leeds Road. By installing thirty nine panels on its roof, the church is able to save over 3,500kg of carbon a year.

Finally, for those considering a domestic system; residential installations in Harrogate currently take an average of 8 to 10 years for owners to recoup their costs, which means the remaining 15 to 17 years of the lifespan of the panels represent profit. This is surely good news for those who are keen to invest in solar PV!

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